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Monday of this week I started writing my Harlequin Blaze. As mentioned in last week’s post about writing tools, I have discarded basic plotting tools since this book isn’t going to be an action/adventure like most of my other work. The focus is more on character growth and the relationship, directly.

Harlequin books are more about the story between the heroine and hero. The Blaze line has a focus on hotter sex and a little more boundary pushing. That being said, I can’t delve deep into the male or female mind and find the core issues because my characters are human. If I were aiming for the Nocturne line things might be a little different. but this is a launch pad for me.

Transitions from one genre to another are often hard for many authors. The dual nature of our Craft requires us to be diligent in our pursuit of telling the tale we can as best as we can, all while remaining true to ourselves. The funny thing here is that business comes into play.

When we throw business into the mix, we now have to learn to balance career and want, monetary gain and need. What’s best for our souls and our wallets. For many authors, this is where they draw the line. Many won’t waste time on the harlequin trashy romance novel.

Fuck that. I will. Not only do I LIKE the trashy novels, but I can WRITE them. This being a business, I might as well sell out, right?

Or am I just doing what makes great business sense since I’ve seen a large number of authors come from HQ’s umbrella and become bigger names. If business should be about doing what you like, then why not write for this publisher and hit the mainstream NY romance publishers at the same time?

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