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This post will be tongue in cheek because I noticed my spam filter’s contents and EVERY single one of them had some form of medical shit from the science research perspective. I’m not even talking about the covid, lies, truths or other bullshit. Literally, they looked like this:

Here’s a man in a kilt. Oh wait, it’s ME! It’s less confusing than the spam folder for my WP.

~~~~Tetrastack: Colloidal diamond-inspired structure with omnidirectional photonic band gap for low refractive index. Sometimes they are able to discover methods to help the particular person regulate to changes of their ability to think. Obviously those sufferers presenting with a rash that itches present much less of a diagnostic concern Common itchy rashes in the aged include but are not limited to; – endogenous dermatitis (atopic, seborrhoeic, nummular, pompholyx) –~~~

I half expected some political spam since I posted Let’s Go…and I have to imagine that’s a popular catchphrase. Unless I missed the memeing on it, which I probably did. But #FJB didn’t catch any spam either.

So, Covid and #FJB aren’t memes anymore, the time has passed on those things. Do I need to mention that one country and that idiot invading to get relevant spam?

Oh, and the first page of my Spam filter has them all spamming Tina Donahue’s post. I adore that woman, but when did I post her release info? Wasn’t that back before the new year? Nope, wait. That post went up in 2019 right before I attended bartending school. Wow!

I went back through my stats and I’ll throw up the long form post later why I’m leaving THAT world, but the short version is because of growth, personal and professional, I will no longer be affiliated with the BDSM community. Not for business, anyway. Hell, I haven’t even been to our local dungeon in Atlanta, and I’ve been here since 2015. (Shit, the only mention of that move was here!) I think the last story I wrote in that world involved me ghostwriting something of an older male, younger (in her twenties) female situation, somehow involved Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, an MC, politicians turned BDSM bikers…and it was for cash up front. It was a glorious mess!

Most likely, I won’t be back to DragonCON or Frolicon, either. Those will probably be in the same post as my leaving BDSM professionally. Fuck, maybe mentioning those three terms in bold will get more traffic to my website. Gods know I could use it.

There’s an awful lot of moving parts to a Sascha Illyvich and each cog is getting the proper care to make sure it’s in the right place at the right time, because I AM a career author. I’ve seen a lot and I’ll probably document that in another long form post. I actually enjoy sharing them with you, particularly those of you who have been with me since 2000 or thereabouts when I started this journey. Jesus, was I really barely 22? Had I just come back from Hungary/Italy on my 21st birthday? Was I really in my first poly shit show of a relationship and on my way to live in California?

Fuck yeah I was.

And now? Georgia, but, the fuck if it’s the final stop!

I know, I know…I really need to update this blog more. I promise, I have plenty of updates coming. There’s the Sascha Illyvich move saga, book release stuff, Kel and Ember stuff….my hopeful retreats to Valencia, Spain…and maybe even a resurrection of my YouTube channel. I will not lie (here, heh heh heh), some of these long form posts have brief posts in my newsletter because I’m doing newsletter swaps with the wonderful women I met at RAM last year. Having a release from Decadent Publishing, the first in maybe five years, reminded me I need to use some of the older marketing techniques to spread the word about my books, especially the releases I’m considering much higher quality than when I first started publishing.

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