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WNEP link here talks about the community support in favor of Judy Mays. Judging by the out poor of support I’m guessing that Mrs. Buranich may get her apology after all.

I hope so. She deserves only the best. WHen we have to start policing our “free time” that has me worried. Thank Goddess I can write full time and not need an evil day job, but then again I’m guessing Mrs. Buranich teaches because she loves it. That’s awesome. I refuse to separate myself from my career. I”m very proud to bring you “racy romance novels” and will always feel that way. Writing s a VERY tough and demanding job. The fact that Judy is able to both make a successful career and impact people with her teaching talents speaks volumes in both inspiration and character.

Thanks to Kate Douglas for bringing this to our attention via facebook.

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