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was AWESOME!  I was able to pimp my panels, get some education, co-top with a friend I respect more (You reading, Vince?) now and consider a good male friend.  Hanging out with Cecilia Tan was as usual awesome, filled with fun, bullshitting, industry gossip (you reading, erotic romance industry?  I haz sekrits…bwahahahaha!) and be taken care of by two of the most loving and practical people I’ve met since I started doing conventions.  This is my public adoration, thank you for Barefoot Bill and LaDonna as caretakers, hosts and more.

If you attended my male POV send me an email at wolfprinceeditor at so I can forward you my notes and class info in case you’re interested in taking the class online when it’s offered through RWA or my private loop.  The fee will remain low, $25 or so because I want this class to be accessible to as many writers of romance and erotica as possible.  The value is as I’ve been told, priceless.

Also, since I showed up and was running on very little sleep, too much alcohol and the like, I’ll share the notes etc.

The Duckstock party kicked ass.  Duck Juice is…a creeper!  LOL!

Co-topping was AWESOME!

What I want to know is how the fuck did it get to be 11:55 local time while I wrote this post…swore I only smoked two cigars.

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