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Those familiar with my Reinhold stories from earlier need to know it all started via Friday Flash Fiction thanks to Maura Anderson

Wiping his brow, Reinhold ran a hand through his hair.  He’d worn his black suit today with dress shoes.  He readjusted the ponytail he’d had his hair in.  A sword had been strapped to his back earlier but he opted to leave that in the car.  Beside him, Kathy stood.

Despite having massive powers, she chose to carry a large handgun she could draw quickly if they needed.  Their mission was simple.  Get Reinhold and his mate together and start the healing process.

“Is this the place?  He stood across the street from a beautiful ranch style home with a few cars in the driveway.  The yard had been cut recently, he could smell it.

The sun beat down on them, making him warmer than usual.  The wolf inside was dying, it didn’t belong in Michigan.

Kathy had the good sense to dress in a pair of jeans and a top that revealed perfectly rounded breasts.  “Yeah.  This is it.”  Her long, black hair had been pulled back.  Even though she had power, it didn’t look right to use her strength in public anymore than it did for Reinhold to become the wolf.

Most humans weren’t used to magic.

Shrugging, he looked at h

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Letting a steady breath of air out, Kathy mimicked his movements.  “You’re the alpha.  She’s your mate.  That’s all I know from the cards.”

He sighed.  Straightening, he strode towards the house. His nerves were on fire, his senses on high alert.

Kathy followed closely behind.

Reinhold knocked on the ornate wooden door, waiting and prepared for anything.

A moment later, the door opened and a short, dark skinned man appeared.  His eyes were glazed over and he reeked of booze and drugs.  “Can I help you?”

“Yes, we’re here for Katalin.  I’m with—“

“Are you with her fucking mother?”  The man’s eyes turned an eerie shade of red. “Katalin, get out here and bring my belt!”

Reinhold resisted the urge to deck the man.  “I’m not with her mother.  We’re—“

With a smile, Kathy stepped forward.  “We’re here on behalf of her school. We are class mates.”  Kathy spoke calmly, a push of belief was held in her voice.

“Yes. Classmates.”  The older man nodded.  “Katalin, come here and bring your brother.”

“She’s busy,” a male voice called back from inside the house.

Reinhold sensed something was amiss.  “What’s going on?  Is this a bad time?”

The man nodded.  “She’s busy.  Come back later.”

He started to shut the door but Reinhold caught it.  Using wolf strength, he held it open.  Smiling, baring fangs, he reached for the old man.

The old man stepped back. Another man, a few inches taller with lighter skin appeared. “You want something?”  He grinned, malice pouring off his skin.  He smelled of alcohol and dope and sex.

“Where’s Katalin?”

By this time, Kathy had pulled the gun from its holster.  “Tell us where the girl is.  Nobody has to die today.”

Reinhold growled.  Charging the taller man, he slammed him into the wall with one arm.  Growling, he let a wave of magick wash over his face, changing his features so that he looked like the violent wolf he was.

“Reinhold no!” Kathy yelled.

“Please!”  Another voice called from behind Reinhold.

He jerked his head around to see a beautiful woman, probably not more than twenty years of age standing in ripped clothes with blood on her face.  The blood smelled of iron and copper mixed with the stench of sickness and vomit.

“Katalin,” he mouthed.

Kathy slid beside Katalin. “Hiya.”

Katalin turned to look at Kathy.

Reinhold turned his attention to the guy at arms length. He kept his tone steady, low and didn’t spare the violent undertones. “I should kill you now.”

“What proof do you have that I did anything?” He spat in Reinhold’s face.

Reinhold grinned and bit the man’s neck hard enough to make him bleed.  “Fucker, you taste like foul shit.  “I should end your pathetic life.”

A female voice called out from behind Reinhold.  “Please, no!”

Reinhold kicked the man in the ribs hard enough to hear the loud crack that followed after the blow landed.

The man doubled over, yelling in pain.

Reinhold kicked him in the jaw, knocking him back against the wall.

His eyes closed and his head lolled off to one side.

Katalin’s father ran to the younger man.  “Mi hijo, what have you done to him, you monster?”

“Not enough, “Reinhold spat at him.  Then he strode towards her father and kicked him in the ribs. “An old man like you should be ripped to shreds by the wolves and tossed off a cliff.”

“Stop, please!”  The female voice called out again with sheer agony.

Reinhold took one more kick at the old man before he turned to Katalin. “You are not a human, Katalin.  You’re a wolf.  You should have some pride.”

Katalin gasped.

Kathy slapped Reinhold upside the head.

He rubbed his head. “Look witch.”

Snickering, Kathy turned to Katalin and offered her hand.  “Look sweetie.  Reinhold is your mate.  He’s come to claim you.  We’ve talked about this on the phone before, right?”

Katalin nodded.

“Come with us?”  Reinhold knelt before Katalin, offering his hand to her. “I’m sorry I get so violent but I’m an Alpha.  It’s in my nature to protect.”

“I know.”  Katalin nodded.

“Do you believe me?”  Reinhold took her hand in his.

She nodded.

“Come with us, Katalin?  Come with me?  I accept you and promise this bullshit,” he pointed to the blood trickling down her neck, “will stop.”

She started to speak but stopped.

“I love you, Katalin.  My witch loves you.”  Reinhold touched her cheek.

Katalin fell into his arms and started crying. Sniffling, she raised her head. “Yes I’ll come with you.  I want…”

“It’s okay,” he stroked her shoulders.

Kathy threw her arms around the both of them.  Love filled Reinhold’s heart.  He took the energy and passed it into Katalin, trying to be gentle and sweet.

“Let me love you and protect you, Katalin.”

She nodded.

It’d be okay from this point on.

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