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I wrote this not too long ago, hope it entices you 🙂

Dance of Tails

Black and blue lights flashed everywhere while loud music pumped in large bass speakers.  Bodies swayed back and forth, some aggressively; some moved slowly with the beat driving them in different directions.

Sweat poured off Tanya’s body while she swayed, waiting for the remainder of the drums to kick in.  Once they did, she pulled two floggers from behind her and paraded up on stage, swinging them both in unison.

Her favorite flogger maker customized each flogger for her.  Both were long tailed, yellow and black buffalo hides that made a whoosh sound swinging through the air at an invisible body.  Criss-crossing the floggers, she swung them with precision, making sure that one flogger landed directly in front of the other before she spun around, sashaying her hips in tune with the beat.

“Give head if you’ve got it!”  She mouthed the lyrics, her own hair whipping her in the face when she threw her head back.  The tails of the floggers followed her eyes, up and over her tiny shoulders they landed, catching her bare skin.

Yanking them both downward, she cut herself with the hide of the floggers and held back a groan.  The slits in her shoulders would be minimal but someone later would surely ask about them.

Continuing to sway her hips, she brought the left flogger up and spun it around using her wrist only, crossing it through the air to one side and then the other.

She felt the myriad of eyes burning stares into her body and licked her lips.  They’re watching me!  Her pussy grew wet in anticipation.

An erotic Romance by Sascha Illyvich

She brought the other flogger up over the front of her body and lowered her eyes to the crowd below.

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted someone trying to get up on stage with her.  A male. Tall, thin, long dark hair and shirtless, she could make out his thin, well-muscled frame anywhere.  Béla.  Her heart raced.  Nipples puckered beneath her top. She licked her lips and waited, still swinging the flogger in her left hand.

He sauntered up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist, swinging them against her.

She felt the bulge in his pants press against her ass.  Fingers slid into the top of her tight leather and dug into her skin.

Tanya continued trailing the right flogger over her belly, tickling Béla’s fingertips with the tails before she spun away from him, careful not to knock him upside the head with her heavy moving flogger.

He smiled, nodded in approval and clapped his hands.

She grinned, brought the other flogger up, and began swinging it in tune with the other one.  Her left hand grew tired and in the morning, her wrists would be sore.  If she played her cards right, so would her bottom, pussy and inner thighs.

If Béla cooperated.

Through the haze of the thick tails spinning, Tanya watched Béla dance, his stomach muscles clenching and rippling along with each graceful movement.

She wanted to lick a trail of fire over his skin, and then rake her nails over his flesh to hear him scream as he stuffed her with his cock.

He’d been illusive the last three times she’d been to this club.  Tonight she’d chosen to dance out in public, dressed to kill.  Tight velvet pants hugged her ass while she wore a black top that pushed her breasts up and out, showing plenty of cleavage.  Her flat tummy was on display for the world to see.

The heat in the club made her pull her hair back but once she got outside and took a break from dancing earlier, she let it down again.  The deck and open door gave access to the cool breeze that was typical fall weather for Dallas.  And of course, high heeled boots completed the look until she started dancing and realized that there were flaws in moving up stairs in such high heels.

Béla rolled his hips to the tune of the song and the spun around out of her view.

Still swinging the floggers, she felt arms wrap around her waist while her hips were pulled to a very aroused male and strong pair of thighs.

“My place or yours?”  The voice was rough, masculine and rich, sending vibrations along her ear and downwards to her sopping cunt.

Heat pooled at her nether region.  She dropped both floggers and fell into his arms. Looking up at him, she saw his hair casting shadows along his face despite the lighting above.

Reaching an arm around his head, she bent his mouth close to hers.  “Depends.”

He nipped her earlobe, ran a hand along the inside of one thigh.

She quivered in his arms.

His rich voice rumbled against her soft skin.  “Depends on what?”

She answered the only way she could.  “On how good you plan to be and for how long.”

“Oh,” he cupped her ass and pressed fingers into the crotch of her pants, “I plan to be only as good as you’ll let me. Maybe berter.”

She licked her lips at the thought.  Caressing a hand along his, she gripped his arm between her thighs and bent over low, pressing her ass into his cock.

Following her bend, he moaned loud enough that she could hear.  “We could just fuck in the bathroom.”

Straightening herself, she picked up the floggers, letting the many tails drag along her skin.  “That’s so crass.  And too quick.  I want you now.”

“Indeed,” his whisper sent more vibrations humming along her ear and down.  He nipped her neck, earlobe and continued stroking her onstage amongst the myriad of dancers.

Bringing her floggers down, she swung them so that the tails wrapped around her waist and caught Béla on the hips.

He smiled into her ear.

She purred, humming back along the line of his jaw.  “My place is close.”

He pulled his fingers back from her and grabbed her wrist.  Spinning he raround to face him, he looked intent on the game she set out.  “I’d never turn you down, love.  So let’s go.”

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