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It’s 2012, know what that means?  Officially I’m back in the office, a little later than I wanted but computer problems kept me down, then I didn’t sleep, typical bullshit.  Anyway, I’m back.  And looking forward to a great year coming up.

The Appearances page has been updated with where I’ll be though there are two cons not listed I might appear at if things work out.  I have a tendency to get my way so we’ll see.

Newest Release by Sascha Illyvich, erotic romance author at Decadent Publishing

I’m excited about my upcoming release from Decadent Publishing “The Playground” which still has a BDSM theme but I’m lightening the bondage content and going more towards DIY bondage.  The popularity of bondage stories demands I continue to write them, and since I actually LIKE them, we’re good with that!  But instead of taking the reader into a journey laced with leather and iron, I thought a more subtle approach in my bondage stories would be appreciated. Kind of a “take you there and then let you do it” approach!

There is a few Menage stories I intend to write, based on some older movies that stirred ideas I had, but we’ll see. Hell, I might even resurrect my Nights of Lust series and see if it’s got any saleability despite vampire romances being flooded.  I’ll talk more about that later. Hell I may even just share the first few chapters here to see what ya’ll think.
This year promises to be a busy one as I get back in the swing of things.  I’m excited, about upcoming releases, new romances and a new, even more productive year.  What are you waiting for, release wise?

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  1. The release of Razor and Krewe Daddy right out of the chute. Then it’s head down to write something else, yet undefined. Welcome back and best wishes with The Playground.

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