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According to a recent post on the Harlequin Blog, the top ten most common professions of romance novel heroes were listed and Doctor came in number one. The interesting thing was that since we all write a form of fantasy anyway, you’d think the heroes might have a little less in common with reality than they do.

Well the heroines have their list too but I haven’t seen it yet. I can tell you some of my heroines have been secretaries such as Francine in Forced Pleasure, Angela from A Christmas Favour was involved in Insurance, two or three other dominants in various stories I’ve written in were real estate moguls and then Millie in my unreleased but Agented story Covenant of Wolves 1: Stalker(Dub Mix) is a military spy. But the fantasy element is more used in traditional print books and is closer to our version of reality than the realty authors create.

Take the Secretary.

In whatever form she’s in, she usually has a crush on her boss and while that’s somewhat taboo, it can work to her advantage and the reader’s. Take Chrstina Dodd’s book Scent of Darkness in which Ann Smith falls in lust and chases after her boss Jasha only to learn about his terrible secret and the legend of the Chosen.

This is a hot ride by the way!

What started out as a sexy ploy to hook up with her boss turned out for a deadly ride. Yet in the end, the sexy secretary gets a fantasy beyond belief.

So tell me, what’s your hottest fantasy you’ve ever read in romance?

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  1. My favorite so far has been Kidnapped for Christmas by Evangeline Anderson. It wasn’t the heroine’s fantasy but her sister’s. The hero/dom took her by mistake.

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