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Will Kandy show Ian that in order to grow, he has to get his priorities straight?  Can he get out of his head and let go of the past long enough to see just what he has under his nose?

Fans of Contemporary Romances enjoy this classic erotic romance from yours truly!

How about something  sexy to entice you?


“Candace…” he attempted to chastise until she fell upon his chest and crushed their bodies together.  Her lips assaulted his and before she knew it, his strong arms wrapped around her lithe frame.

Hands slid down her back, seeking the smooth skin between the top and skirt.  Her tongue wrestled with his, exploring his mouth, learning every inch of his mouth.

Ian growled beneath her.

Kandy ground her hips against his, feeling his rock hard erection just where she wanted it.

“That’s it baby,” she slid further down until she was positioned just over his thighs.  Her hands reached for waistband.  Slowly pulling down the material, she exposed the head of his beautiful cock.  She’d only seen it once before by accident a few months ago when he was getting in the shower.  The image remained in her dreams at night.

“Candace,” he uttered until she bent down and licked the bulbous head of his cock.  He groaned through gritted teeth.

“Let me, Ian.  We’ve both wanted this.”

“But you’re–drunk.”

It didn’t matter what he said, he couldn’t keep his concentration if she continued licking him.

Purring against his stomach, she felt him flinch beneath her.  “No, I’m hung over.  I wasn’t kidding, I only,” she licked his stomach, “had a few beers.  I also forgot to eat.”

Her tongue swirled over his tight stomach, around the area where his cock nestled against his abdomen.  His heated skin beneath hers sent flames dancing over her skin.

Ian sat up, taking her by the shoulders.  Pulling her over him, he kissed her hard enough to leave a bruise.  Reaching beneath the skirt, he pushed down the garter that held her phone and knife.  “This garter is still sexy,” he muttered against her lips.

“I know.”  She giggled.

His lips found the soft spot on her neck, sending shivers down her spine.  Kandy arched her body into his, grinding her hips against his.  Her pussy was soaked, even more so when he slide two fingers inside her while another rested against the gentle curve of her hip.  Like fire over her skin, she burned for him.  She felt her skirt sliding down to expose her lower region.  Just a thin strip of material separated the tip of his cock from her heat.

“Take this off,” he commanded.

“Move it,” she replied.

Reaching back, she shoved the hem of his pajamas down to expose more of his beautiful cock.  Fingers searching, she found him and gripped him tightly while her mouth sought his, attacking his lips again and again.  His furious passion drove her wild, hotter and hotter still.

“Give it to me, Ian.  Make love to me.”

Her head was still slightly clouded, but Kandy knew what she wanted, what her body demanded.

With closed eyes, Ian shoved his pants down, exposing his hips.  Kandy purred at the feeling of his cock against her wet opening.  Greedily, he gripped her hips and shoved her against him, fingers moving her panties aside for his cock.  Sinking himself inside her completely, he arched his body into hers, their bodies meeting so closely that one couldn’t tell where one began and the other ended.

Kandy cried out, loving the feeling of him filling her so completely.  Even slightly drunk she knew this was right, how it was supposed to be.

Rolling her hips back and forth, she squeezed her muscles around his cock.  Falling forward, Kandy crushed her breasts against his chest and pushed back, driving him deeper inside.  His cock brushing against her clit sent waves of ecstasy throughout her body.  A hand cupped her breast, feeling the weight of it in his palm.  “Take this off,” he ordered, and Kandy reached for the knot, undoing it and sliding it off her shoulders.

Completely nude minus her thong, Kandy rose and slammed down on his cock, gasping with the sensation of being filled repeatedly.  Her skin was warm to her own touch, her head felt light.

Ian drove himself into her, thrusting upwards, fingers gripping her hips tightly.

“Yes Ian, yes,” Kandy yelled with each slap of skin against skin.  His cock filling her brought her closer and closer to orgasm.  Arching her body out, her hair grazed the top of her ass until she threw her head back.  Her hair caressed his balls, his thighs and sent a shiver through him.

Shuddering, Ian grabbed a handful of breast, squeezing her nipples to taut peaks.

Cupping her breasts, she rubbed them, touching Ian’s hand.  Taking his fingers to her mouth, she licked, sucked on each digit.  Rubbing herself with their hands, she ground harder against him, her pussy throbbing.

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