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I start teaching for Orange County RWA chapter online on August 15th.  Wondered what men think about?  How irrational we are? Or what we think in the bedroom?  This class is for you.  If you’ve ever wanted to learn how NOT to stereotype your male heroes this is the class for you.

I’ve revised the opening few lessons to make my students think a little m roe about what goes into a character, so this boost will provide more insight and facts on the Male mind.

For more details:

Ever wonder what the hell Sascha’s thinking?  I AM the bad boy of romance writing.  But there is a method to my madness.  Indeed, especially when it comes to PR, flirting and the like, but with my writing there is a definite balance of character creation that stems from learning what’s inside the female mind and applying it along with the male mindset to the premise concept and plot of your novels.

We’ll cover why men come off as angry, aggressive and how the behavior affects plot and drives the stories.  We’ll discover why gay men aren’t really that different in terms of mindset than your average straight guy.  We’ll even cover some of the bisexual male mindset though that part is still in development.

Visit Orange County RWA’s website to sign up! Click on the link above or click on classes when you get to the main site.

I believe the cost is only $15 for RWA members, $20 for non members.

What others have said about Male POV:

Thank you Sascha for a most informative class”   Joan Maze, Erotic Romance Author


“Thanks for the POV class, and I’ll definitely be here for the undies class.
:)” Jacquie Rogers- Erotic Romance Author


“The information you provided as well as what the other class
members said was really helpful. I’m sure both my hero and my villain
will be improved by what I learned even though I was unable to do the
exercises except for the first one.”  –  Carol Jo, Erotic Romance Author


“This has been a very informative, excellently crafted and helpful class” – Barbara Karmazin, Erotic Romance Author

“Sascha, thank you so much for this class. After taking this class, I
realized that I know my male characters better than I thought but now
I can keep them consistent and on task to reach their ultimate goal.

Thank you so much for your help. I can’t believe the week went by
sooo fast!”  Laura Major,

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