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For those who have been following my lengthy career, you’ve noticed that I’ve been in E-books for the last ten years. It’s a good market and I’m quite happy with the results. But there comes a time in every author’s career where they want to make the jump to enhance their career and get into a bigger pond.

In this case it’s the Ocean I want to swim in. I want to be with authors like Yasmine Galenorn, Kate Douglas and Lora Leigh. I want to get advances and huge royalties and quite frankly, the only other thing I’d like to do for a “wage” is real estate.

Otherwise I’d be quite happy taking three or four months off to go travel, smoke cigars and drink while exploring the world of fine dining.

At the beginning of this year, with the help of my publicist Debbie Riley Magnus (of Magnus Consulting) we made a plan. I would do two things. First, I’d take the full length novel I had already completed for Loose ID (Sorry Treva!) and shop that around to agents. Second, I would start a new mainstream erotic romance novel that had a broader concept and updated writing skills that would showcase my growth. Then we’d shop that to agents, assuming I couldn’t get Stalker represented.

It’s been a tough road. I’ve had several rejections based on the fact that agents aren’t buying as much AND the MS is a hard sell since Stalker is a fairly brutal, BDSM erotic cyberpunk romance.

Sevearal things went through my head, first of all was, “could I hack it with this MS?”

Next, could I deal with rejection? Yeah, I could. I rarely get rejected by my publishers AND I make sales at both houses which back up their need/desire to continue buying my work. I’ve also planned on what and whom to send stories to so I know my target markets.

Writers need to understand that this is a business and in this manner we must operate.

I still have wordcount to meet. So until next week…

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