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Seriously? This is an ant hill…they built it that way…

If you’ve been following the Sascha Illyvich Move Saga (I swear I’ll eventually have a title that sticks) then you’ve been aware of all the drama with living here the last few years. From fires to roaches, to rats (yes, fucking fats, I’ve had to kill two of them in the old unit) it’s been a clusterfuck since the new management took over the first time.

Enter new management as I said in my previous post. They seem to be making moves in the complex but I’m not seeing them gut units out yet. They did redo the lake by the apartment here And attempted to die it but that sadly, didn’t stick.

But the latest shit was the bug infestation. Did I mention that? Oh, wait I know I said something about it up top. About two months back, I opened one of my cabinets to discover a handful of these German fat fuck roaches just hanging out. Needless to say, I was disgusted. There’s a reason I used to be such a clean freak and this was it, despite having been told by other pest control people that they didn’t come because I was a slob, they came because food and other factors somewhat out of my control.

We called the apartment and had them put us on pest control every Friday. And for the past few months, every Friday almost, I’ve been woken up earlier than I’d like for someone to come in, spray a border, offer to put down sticky traps and then leave. The fucking bugs have to CROSS THAT SHIT TO Get POISONED!

They’ve overrun the younger lover’s desk, started to invade mine, but were slowly decreasing after all the repeated attempts from these fools here. Thing is, it wasn’t happening fast enough and the fuckers were spreading. Short story? We fucking brought in our OWN pest control.

It’s been less than a week and I’m still seeing them here and there, but put it this way. When THAT dude sprayed behind my fridge (where they’re hanging out because heat) he kept doing the rest. Of the apartment and I started seeing them trying to escape, only to die on the walls because nerve agents are fun.

The girlfriend was at work and I had both kitties locked up in our bedroom. Two hours later, the carnage had slowed and while I felt like leaving and going somewhere else to get work done, enjoy a beer and smoke a cigar, I thought better to stay here.

The last problem is that it’s halfway through April as of this post and we’re STILL waiting on these knuckleheads to get us our lease to sign so we can renew for a full year at a slightly elevated rent. I’ve called a few times and will probably call again as of the week of this post to ask where y shit is so we can sign. Because if there isn’t anything in place by May 1st? I’m not giving them anything more than the current rent until there’s paperwork in place.

Very wolf-moon-rose times ahead
Very beautiful new artwork on my left forearm. I’ll post another blog about why and what this signifies, but let’s say I’m in love and can’t wait to take off the protective covering!

Sick of this shit.

On a different front? New tattoo!

Oh, and I had a dilemma earlier in the weekend. Did I start writing/plotting the third and final Covenant of Wolves book? Or do I keep myself in the world of Nights of Lust and finish that series instead? Well, yesterday I’d finished my office stuff and decided to see if everything on the iPad had synced up and was open for me to switch between this device and my laptop. And an opening came to me. More on the greater theme of the final novel, but let’s say it’ll be dark humor and you can probably blame Cannibal Corpse and that ilk of death metal for it.

You may notice that one eye is green….remind you of anything?

Until next time, Lovelies!

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