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The continuation of said sex scene…

Lisa swore she knew Sam Gallo from somewhere.  She couldn’t remember where but it didn’t matter.  He’d managed to be bold enough to distract her from her text conversation with her boss, Harvey.

As a PR specialist, it was her job to find clients, which meant attending parties like this in order to attract clientele.  He gave her an expense account which she used frugally if at all, but had told her money wasn’t an object.

Knowing this was the group of people that badly needed PR, she agreed on the condition that he pay for everything.  The request went against her traditional values but then again, so did rubbing elbows with a bunch of money hungry sharks who were just looking to increase their wealth and status.

When she caught Sam’s eye, she gave him the once over.  He was taller than her by a good six inches and his hair had been braided so that it hung neatly between broad shoulders.  His eyes seemed to show his emotions.  Clearly, intent for seduction was on the menu tonight, yet she could see something else in that heated gaze of his.  Something more emotionally present glinted in those eyes.

That was odd for someone in this group.

Yet it didn’t seem to stop lust from growing and making her take notice. When he approached her, his stride was long, confident yet not cocky.

What she’d give to have those long legs straddling her.

She had to cajole herself out of the desire to jump him right here.  It wasn’t the place and she wasn’t that type of woman any longer.

Those days in college were all a huge mistake and had ended with heartache.

Of course not having sex in three years had pretty much driven her up the wall until Mr. Tall Dark and Delicious made his way over and touched the back of a seat. “Is this space occupied, Miss?”

The deepness of his voice made her insides quiver. Still, she remained calm while she slipped her phone in her purse and set it aside.  Then she stood, hands firmly on her hips.

Sam came around the table to stand before her, his height emphasizing just how small she really was.  At 5’4, Lisa was curvy, too curvy.  Her hair hung in odd ringlets over her face while his remained pulled back into a neat ponytail that gave him a little more dignity and grace than anyone as old as he probably was should possess.

Yet he bent down and rubbed the pad of his thumb over her cheek in the most delicate manner that sent a shiver through her.

Then he dipped his head low while cupping the back of her head.

Their lisp met.

Her eyes closed.

A hand caressed her hip and slid around to cup her backside. Strong fingers massaged her scalp and made hairs on the back of her neck stand up while his mouth worked over hers.

She sucked in a breath, tasted the scotch and gasoline smell on his breath but didn’t care.  The underlying male scent of him was so close to her nose she could literally cut it with a fork. It smelled of vanilla and jasmine, fresh and clean like spring rain.

Yet the way his mouth moved over hers, biting and sucking at her lower lip said he was anything but clean.

Finally, he pulled away.

Setting a hand to her breast, she caught her breath.  Her nipples peaked beneath the now itchy fabric of her dress.  It was definitely a good thing that she wore panties, otherwise her thighs would be soaked.

“You’re delicious,” he whispered against her ear in a voice that definitely was meant to seduce.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” she chuckled.  Her voice was a little raspy.

Then she noticed his hand hadn’t left her ass.


He promptly removed his hand, letting his fingers trail over her body before pulling it back.  “I’m far from a pig.  I just happen to know what I like.”

She fluttered her eyelashes at him.  “Confidence in a man is so sexy.”

“Confident women are very arousing,” he winked. “I like it when the woman goes after what she wants, Lisa.”

She couldn’t believe the words coming out of her mouth, yet she couldn’t stop them either.  “Are you suggesting I take the lead?”

His smile reached his eyes.  Excitement seemed to fill his face.

The beat of the music changed, slowed to a pace meant for slower dancing. It reminded Lisa of the way animals moved.  Primal and raw, the beat pulsed loudly between them, echoing what she felt but knew she shouldn’t do.

It didn’t matter.

“It’s your move, Lisa.”  Sam crossed his arms in front of his groin.

She licked her lips.  “So it is, then. In that case,” she reached for him and planted her mouth on his, inhaling into the kiss before she thrust her tongue past his lips.

Caught seemingly off guard, Sam stumbled back but held onto her hips.

She murmured a thank you against his mouth and smiled into the kiss.

Both hands cupped her bottom and gave her a squeeze.

Lisa moaned into the kiss as need became a weight in her stomach that pulled at her.  She pulled back just so she could dive in again and flick her tongue over his mouth.

The press of his chest against hers crushed her breasts and sent tingles up her spine. It’d definitely been too long since she’d been with a man.

Lisa tore her mouth from Sam. Heat flamed in his eyes. Her voice dropped a note, becoming huskier. “Where are we going to continue this?”

He smiled, tilted his head and pulled her to him, she was sure, to emphasize the obvious strain on his body.  “I live in South Shore, not far from here.”

“Too far,” she nipped his neck.

He arched his hips into hers and smoothed his hands over the planes of her shoulders.  “Your place?”

She shook her head. “Too far also. Let’s leave this room before anyone starts talking about us. I hate this crowd.”

She retrieved her purse and took his hand in hers before she led him out of the room past the bartender. “Good plan.”

Said bartender smile faded when she saw Sam leave.

Lisa winked. “We’ll be back quickly”

She heard Sam reply “I don’t think so.”  A wave of anticipation washed through her and made her core wet.

Yes, she was definitely glad she wore panties today.

Out the door and down the hall she led him, scanning the drably painted walls.  “This place could use some rehab.”

Sam snickered. “This was a building one of the old geezers did years ago. Its’ time he retired and I took over. But,” he yanked on her arm.

She spun around in her heels to face him, “Yes?” She arched a brow.

“It’s not my main concern.  This is.”

Before she could respond, he’d dipped his head down to kiss her again, slanting his mouth over hers in a manner meant to possess.

Right now she didn’t care about the voice in her head screaming no more possession.  She only cared about what his hands were doing by tugging the hem of her dress up.

She shook against his from the feel of his fingertips on her stocking clad thighs.

“Bathrooms seem so crude,” he mumbled against her.

The rumble of his voice resonated in her chest.  “Yeah and stereotypical.  There has to be a room somewhere.”

“More stereotypes,” he laughed, a low sound that struck a chord in her belly.  Desire gripped her and made the desperation of their affair that much more urgent.

“So be it.”  She broke from the kiss while her body screamed for more contact. His hands remained fastened to her hips now, fingers stroking, sliding and caressing her hips.

She groaned low, almost purring.  Hands at her sides, she spotted a pair of glass doors not far from the loud music.

His eyes followed hers.  “Are you a screamer?”

“That depends,” she winked. Despite the fact that she swore off her brazen behavior, it would be good to revisit a quick tryst for old time’s sake and remind herself of what she gave up for stability and a job.

“Well if you weren’t before,” he lifted her up against him with one arm, making her feel incredibly soft and feminine, “you will be when I’m done.”

Next thing Lisa knew, she was ass up over his shoulders.  She tried hard to stifle a scream but couldn’t.  Instead, she laughed and slapped him on the ass.

“I can return the favor,” he nuzzled her hips with his face.

Just that gesture alone sent heat coursing through her. “Put me down!”

That came out all wrong. Well, the words were the right words but the way her mind translated her voice from annoyed to seductive didn’t quite hold water.  “Now!”

“Nope.  Not yet.  I’ve got a better spot for you.”

She struggled to look over her shoulder but she saw him push through the thick glass doors.

“Table, chairs, darkness.  Sad that.”


“Because,” he set her down on the table and let his hands linger on her thighs, “Because I’d like to see who I’m pleasing.”

Lisa let his hands roam up her thighs while spreading them apart. “Let’s worry about that later.  Because right now, I’m on fire for you, Sam.”

“I am going to make you burn, Lisa.”

That dangerous tone struck another nerve with Lisa. Before she could respond, he’d hiked up her skirt and knelt before her.

She looked down the length of his body, saw that ponytail dangle between broad shoulders.  Before she could do or say anything, his body blocked her thighs. His head dipped between them and hot air blew against her flesh, giving her goose bumps.

Then he tasted her, pushing his tongue against her panties.  “You’re so wet, Lisa. I love that.”

She leaned back on her arms and spread her legs wider for him.  She threw her head back, felt the curls graze her skin while his tongue darted over her ultrasensitive flesh.

Fingers moved her panties aside as he leaned in to kiss her.

Lisa shuddered, gripped his shoulders and scooted her ass forward.

His tongue swirled around her lips and lower before coming back up to thrust inside her pussy.

Her nails dug into his shoulders and clawed him.

He groaned. Fingers spread over her stocking-clad thighs and caressed her gently while his tongue moved inside her.

It took only a few more thrusts of his tongue before the coil in her belly had drawn so tight she felt she would die if he didn’t let her come.

“Sam,” she groaned and dug her heels into his shoulders.  The voice in the back of her head screamed that she was probably hurting him, but she couldn’t force herself to stop.  His tongue kept moving inside her, flicking against her clit.

Then he took her in his mouth, scraped her lightly with his teeth before sucking hard on her.

Tension so tight forced Lisa to slam her eyes shut as it spread throughout her body.  Then it hit. Her body stiffened, her legs snapped around Sam’s head.  She moaned, cried out his name and bucked her hips against his face.  Her heart pounded against her chest and she broke out in a sweat.

He kept up with her, nibbling and sucking everything from her while she came.

Finally he stopped, leaned back on his haunches and wiped his mouth.

Her breasts heaved, she panted heavily and looked down the line of her body.  With her skirt bunched up as it was, she looked like she felt.

Temporarily sated.

The slow smile that spread over Sam’s face encouraged her to take things a little further. “We should probably close the door though.”

He looked behind him and nodded. “Yeah.” In one swift motion, Sam kicked and closed the large glass door with his foot. “Now,” he looked at her, “where were we?’

Lisa crooked a finger. “I think I want you inside me.”

“Good idea.  First,” he hiked her skirt further around her hips and straightened her legs, “What say we remove these?”

Before she knew it, her panties slid down her legs and past her heels.  She watched the Cheshire cat grin spread across his face when he stuffed them into his trouser pocket.  “Souvenir from a one night conquest?  I thought you were different.”

His voice dropped dangerously low and played over her senses.  “I am.  And I don’t have one night conquests. I have lengthy passion filled trysts.”

She lowered her chin and kept her eyes focused on his hands.  He had managed to make her feel feminine with just his tongue and two fingers earlier.  It was an odd sensation but she could deal with it later.  Right now, she had more pressing matters, like getting him inside her.

Sam reached into his pocket and retrieved a small foil packet.  “I’m glad this was here.”

The thought lingered in the back of her mind if he kept condoms on hand or if this was just a one off.  The tingling between her thighs reminded her that it didn’t matter.  “Me too,” she leaned back and scooted her ass off the table.  “Now.”

Sam unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. With both hands, he unwrapped the condom and slipped it on.

Lisa licked her lips at the delicious site of Sam’s body.  The light from the hallway created a glow around him that emphasized his rather large frame.  With his pants pushed down past his hips, he jutted straight.

He took himself in hand and stood between her thighs, using her juice to lubricate the tip of his cock.

Just the slightest touch sent energy sizzling between them. She needed him in her now, damnit!  “Sam,” she whined.

He placed himself at her entrance, lowered his head to hers and brushed his mouth lightly across hers.

She tasted him, unbelieving in how good he managed to taste with her mixed on his lips. But the urgency of her desire controlled her movements now.  She had to have him. Just this one night before she went back to her dreary existence the next day, she had to scratch this itch.

She whimpered, “Sam.”

Quickly, he drove himself into her.

Her breath hitched in her throat when he impaled her. And he did fill her, quite nicely.  Thick, heavy and hard, he pulsed inside her.

She wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her heels into his butt.

He gripped her hips and lifted her up.

The two spun around so that her back was to the door.  “Now no one will recognize you should they come wandering down the hallway.”

Hair spilled over her face.  “Such the gentleman,” she lifted herself up and back down again.

Sam thrust upwards and his balls slapped against her ass softly.  The sound of skin against skin echoed throughout the tiny room.

The two moved rhythmically with each stroke driving Sam deeper into Lisa’s welcoming body.

His moans joined hers as she drew closer to another orgasm.

Her mouth captured his, sucked at his lower lip.

Fingers spread out over her ass, kept her skirt hiked over her hips while parting her thighs farther apart for depth.  Oh god how she needed this!  The coil of tension returned, pulling low in her gut.  This time though, it spread quickly through her body.

Sam drove upwards, bouncing her off him.

Quickly, a hand covered her back while he held her strong in his arms against him. His growl against her ear reverberated along her skin, heightening all of her sensations. “Almost there baby, need you to come!”

Never had a man cared whether Lisa enjoyed herself or not. Sam was definitely different there.

The beginnings of orgasm pulled her from her thoughts and forced her thighs tighter around his hips.  Her eyes slammed shut.  Arms wrapped around his torso, fingers clutched at his shirt.

Grunting, he continued thrusting, arching up so that he brushed over her clit with each sure stroke.  Everything he did spelled out impeccable confidence.

Lips fell on her neck, swept up and nipped her chin and then sealed over her mouth.

Lisa sucked in a sharp breath, felt it all slam into her at once.  Body tense, breasts crushed and rubbing against his chest, her body shook as that first coil of tension undid itself in a marvelous explosion of pleasure that reached her limbs.

His mouth on hers helped to muffle her cries.

He begged, his breathing now ragged as heated breath caressed her ear, “Come for me.”  His hips bucked against hers while fingers gripped her ass.

Lisa let go then.  The damn inside burst, releasing a flood of juice between her thighs.  Panting, she held onto him as though he were life.  “Your turn!”

A few more thrusts had Sam moving inside of her with less finesse and more aggression.  Finally, she felt him quiver inside of her as hot jets shot deep and hard.

A moment later, Sam had spun them around and set her gently back on table.  “Well,” he cleared his throat.  “That was round one.”

She laughed, feeling lighter now than she had in years.  Her release made her body feel less tense, yet she needed to go.  Reaching out to touch his chest, she watched with slight annoyance at his withdrawal.

Sam discarded the used condom into the trash, dressed himself and stood with his eyes on Lisa.

She felt as though she were prey.

It was an interesting feeling, that.  Yet the adrenaline began to recede and reality kicked in.  “Look, I’m sorry.  This was fun but,” she withdrew her hand

Sam caught her wrist, “Yeah.  You’re probably right.”

An eyebrow arched, “You do this often?”

He released her and shook his head.  “No, but the media thinks I do.”

She groaned.  “Yeah, I can understand.”  She finished dressing herself, aware that her curl now stuck to her forehead.  She looked at her watch.  It was 9 PM.  “Damnit, I’m running late. Perhaps another time.”

Sam nodded and finished tucking in his shirt.  “Yes, perhaps another time, Lisa.”

Before she could stop herself, Lisa had her shoes on, grabbed her purse and slipped out of the room and into the hall without so much as a sound.  Not bothering to look around, she hoped no one would see him come out of the room after she did.

Or that they’d bother to smell the scent of sex, good sex, on her.

Regret slowly settled in like a weight in her stomach. She knew she shouldn’t have slept with him, and realization set in as to who he was.

She’d known him before.  Almost fifteen years ago, they had been…

In an attempt to shove the memory away, Lisa shook her head and ran into the parking lot.  Thrusting her hand in her pocket she pulled out her keys and shoved them in the car door, her hands shaking.

This was bad.

~~~You’re welcome RoseAnne 😛

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