We approach the new year and I have….#OpethPack Edits! BWAHAHA

Seriously, I was at the cigar club last night  and decided to answer my phone’s email in between conversations with this one smoking hot waitress from next door (pun intended!) and BAM!  Editor from Secret Cravings is telling me I’ve got edits and they’re DUE Jan 5th!Cover for Raining Kisses

For those who know, I’ve been in mad teeth pain lately so that slowed down some of my writing and editing time but I’m basically back with a vengeance.

Today we start editing the second Opeth Pack Saga book and in case you didn’t get the cver reveal last post, it’s here obviously LOL!

This is Nicholaus’ story but upon turning it in, I realized Krystyna and Katarina had a story to tell also.  Plus there is the usual Opeth Pack Prophecy, shrouded in mystery.  Oooh spooky LOL!

There will be excerpts.  And because I’m on the road I’m TRYING to get the cover out to more places but with limited internet access that’s been rather difficult.  Plus, my hours are no longer normal.


Just finished JR Ward’s Lover Reborn

2013-05-24 17.07.57Just finished the book and Goddamn was it good.  First off, most of you know I have issue with the multiple POV switching shit, but this book seemed more seamless.  Said that a lot on line though.

The depth of emotion put into the characters rocked my world, watching and understanding what Tohrment and Rosalhynda (later , Autumn) went through separately.  And the fucking ending…no spoiler alerts.  Let’s just say goddamn man, goddamn.

Now I understand I missed the previous book, Payne’s story so I’m definitely a little confused by things but it’s the ONLY book I haven’t read, aside from the current release and the mini story with Zsadist, his shellan and Nalla.  But hey, I’m a writer, I’ll catch up between projects LOL!

These books have been an inspiration for me honestly.  My older work, longer work, tends to deal in darker themes and find characters who are so damaged and fucked up…didn’t think a market for them existed.  Apparently, judging by the type of reader response I got when I mentioned I was going through the series, I was (thankfully) wrong.

Looking forward to more by the WarDEN.  Much more.

On the reading docket – JR Ward’s Lover Reborn

2013-05-24 17.07.57It’s about time I got back to reading.  After what I’m going to propose in a later post about writing, I realized I’ll need to read a LOT more in the coming weeks in order to fill the mind and restore the creative juices so I can get the words flowing.

I’m about  halfway through Lover Reborn by JR Ward and without wasting space on a review, you already know I love it.  Good ol’ Black Dagger Brotherhood goodness, true.  No frontin with this story though I’d like to know where she’s going with Xcor and his band of bastards, aside from the obvious.  The best part about this book for me is the head hopping.  Yes, I’ve stated before I HATE it even though she’s interwoven the stories pretty tightly, but in this book it’s done pretty seamlessly.  I don’t feel like she’s cut parts out then brought them back in later, ya know?

This is Tohrment’s book and I have to be honest.  I really have trouble picturing No’One as a beautiful woman, because Ward’s words in earlier stories make her seem..fragile and frail.  Then she’s possibly paired with a Brother, and Tohr at that?

Like I said, only about half way through the book, between edits, my own work, etc I should finish it by end of the week.  And yeah, I was told I needed to get Qhuinn and Blay’s story so fuck…fine LOL!

Oh the pic is probably from when I was reading at Ohlone Cigar Lounge this past Sunday.  Oh and that’s the J. Fuego Triple Siete ZERO I smoked while reading.  What would you expect from your favorite bad boy?

Book Review: Every Breath You Take by Hope Tarr

Agent Saritza Hernandez and I discussed expanding my reach into contemporary worlds and I thought what better way than to refresh how humans process emotions by reading through the 20 or so BLAZE novels I’ve collected.

Starting off with Every Breath You Take… By Hope Tarr was a good call.

His job is to watch over her. Every tempting inch… Scientist Alex is in over her head. It’s bad enough that a research trip to Belize has put her in danger. Then she finds out that her hired protector is ex-FBI agent Cole – the man who’d betrayed her five years ago. Re-appearing in Alex’s life is the biggest risk Cole’s ever taken. Once his undercover job forced him to abandon her. Now he has the chance to redeem himself – one scorching touch at a time. But first he must convince Alex that the safest place for her is in his bed…

Honestly, the fast pace of the book  kept me turning pages to find out more about these two different characters and how she played out a typical plot. The heart ache of these two characters and what transpired between them made me root more for Cole than anything else.  When you know you’ve let the right one go because you were stupid…

I can relate.

Added to my GoodReads shelf, an easy 4 stars.

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Happy Holidays from The Bad Boy of Romance

STUCK CoverOfficially, the 17th is my last day in the office for the year for both editing and writing.  I have no desire to do much but read and hang out, catch up on cleaning and chores that have been piling up.  It’s been a long year, not a bad one, but a busy one.

Year in Recap: Taught Male POV for CalWriters Berkeley LIVE for the first time

Frolicon – back to back panels on Saturday, hanging with Cecilia Tan, LaDonna Allison and Barefoot Bill, (smoking on their porch at night talking to LaDonna!)  Also, the Cigar Herf!
DragonCON 2012 – more appearances, more  panels, more Sascha, and more cigar herfing!
New covers posted below!
TesseracT –  Those who followed my journey writing Paula’s Craving understand.
The Gathering – New Album called Disclosure makes me think of a certain Moldovan Pen Pal…we’ve talked more lately.  It’s good to have a reminder of who I am.
Releases, “Treasure’s Gift” “Menage Bound“, “Stuck” and “Dark Sensualities
All the RWA Classes I’ve taught this year, thank you each and every one of you!
My agents of awesomeness, for pulling me off the cliff when I was about to jump – Saritza and Marisa.
My Publicist Deborah Riley Magnus
Mary Hardin-Moore – you’re one simply hell of a fan.
Melissa, you’re awesome sauce.  Thank you for all you do for me at DragonCON
My beta readers, old, new, up coming
TreasuresGiftFinalMedMy publishers
New opportunities
Ditter baby!
Waking up every day
I think I reconnected with a part of me I’d buried both as an author and a person.

Bad things -

Fun with coumadin and alcohol: November’s hospital trip
Fun trying to catch a bus and only running maybe 200 meters, resulting in a hospital trip because I’m BACK in goddamn Afib.
Because of a careless asshole from PG&E, I was walking home one night and tripped on a grate, shoving most of my left leg through the tiny circle.  I’m still bruised.
The closing of Grants Tobacconist – This is important because it’s a historical landmark AND I spent a LOT of downtime there.  Thanks for the memories, guys.
Misunderstandings that led to another cliff I almost launched myself from
Waking up every day since the last hospital trip and not knowing what I’m getting up for or why.

Looks like overall the good outweighed the bad.  It tends to do that honestly.  Yeah, some things conflict, oh well. That’s life.

Now, an excerpt for the holidays  from Her Shelter –  An Alexandria Rayne treat

A few moments later, Reinhold made his way downstairs, dressed sans collar. He wanted to make a statement to Crissy. He was not to be taken lightly. He was a wolf.
She was a human. Powerful or not, she was the weaker one.
Moments later, he leaned against the granite countertop, sipping a cup of coffee before pouring his owner one. Smelling Crissy’s scent mixed in with the peppery aroma of the winter outside, he picked up the cup of coffee and blew on it, letting the steam waft towards his face. Crissy came in through the swinging doors, her lips pursed in a thin line. Dressed in black hip-hugging jeans, black socks and a grey shirt that had a large skull across her breasts, she wore her hair tied back. It was still damp like his.
Picking up the cup of coffee, he handed it to her.
She accepted it without a word. Taking a long sip, she set the cup down on the countertop and looked him in the eye.
For a minute, neither said a word. Their gazes locked with him feeling the intensity of her stare. Goddess, how he thought her eyes were the most beautiful he’d ever seen. darksens_sascha_2She’d

hidden so much of herself from him in the last several weeks since they’d been together, yet he picked up everything unspoken because she couldn’t look at him without giving a part of herself away.
“Is my collar not good enough for you?” She interrupted the silence.
Lifting his head, his eyes widened. “It’s fine.”
“Then why aren’t you wearing it?” She tapped her neck.
“It needed to dry. And you need—” He stopped. Closing his eyes, he searched for the words. Inhaling her scent, he picked up on the addition of cayenne. She was clearly annoyed with him.
“I need what, Reinhold?”
He opened his eyes to see her arms folded across her chest.
Returning to his coffee, he said nothing.
She stepped forward and put a finger in his chest. “What do I need?”
“Skip it,” he growled in response. The wolf inside of him let his ears lay flat across his head, a show of annoyance.
“No,” she argued. “What is it you so desperately think I need that you’d mention it not once, but twice? Tell me. I’d like to know.” She stepped back and crossed her arms over her chest again.
Looking down the line of her body, he resisted the urge to lick his lips in front of her. Reinhold didn’t want her having any advantage over him now. His body was already begging for another taste of hers, another touch, another kiss. His heart ached at the lack of contact but he mentally told himself to shut the fuck up.
“I’m waiting.” She tapped her foot.
Reinhold met her gaze. Something flashed in her eyes that looked like sorrow or some other sad emotion. Suddenly, it clicked in his mind. Crissy was scared and feeling a little protective. He wasn’t sure why, but her actions no longer seemed assholish. They reminded him of his own defensive manoeuvres.
He cleared his throat. “You’re—” He stopped, studying her. She stood with her shoulders back, breasts jutting forward and her chin out. The challenging glare in her eyes sparked the attention of the wolf inside him.

Still, Reinhold tamped the beast down. If he was to be a successful alpha, he would have to stop going off on people as though they were stupid.
Crissy wasn’t stupid. She just acted that way as a defensive move.
“I’m what?” She tilted her head to one side.
“You’re beautiful,” he spoke in a low tone. Reaching for her hair, he touched her, the soft strands slipping through his fingers.
An eyebrow rose. “I didn’t expect that.” Her voice was gravelly, diffused.
“What did you expect?” Reinhold sipped his coffee, smiling as he looked over the rim of his mug at her.
“I expected to be told what a bitch I’ve been. Not that I care, but it’s what everyone says.”
He smirked. “Even your sisters?”
Crissy nodded. “Yeah. Well, not in so many words. Lynne thinks I need to open up and get out more. She thinks I lack contact with others. I told her others bore me. Others do not thrill me.”
“You want someone dangerous and exciting, don’t you?”
She smiled. “Yeah,” she let the word drag on as a smile crept up her face.
“It’s why you want me.”
She frowned.
Setting his cup down on the counter, he took hers from her and poured another cup for her. “Why the frown?”
“I don’t like being analysed.” She spoke matter-of-factly.
He snickered. “Fine. Let’s play twenty questions then.”
She grinned, her lips turning upwards into a smile that actually made his heart flutter. “You’re cute.”
“Question one, why the attitude problem?”
“See?” She set a hand on her hip. “Already a bad start.”
He shot her a wry grin. “Masochistic tendencies?”
She sipped her coffee and smiled. “Yup, you’re cute.”

“You love it.” His smile was sincere. Reinhold licked his lips and took a step closer. Determined to get what he wanted, a physical release, he made sure to keep his posture somewhat submissive.
“Next question?”
“Why do you always insist on making me submit? It’s against my nature as a wolf.” He touched her shoulder.
She flinched. A moment later, she eased into his hand. “Because you’re mine. All wolves are mine and will submit to me.”
“Hmm.” He bent over her, scenting for arousal. “I could kill you though. If I let my human form drop in mid-fuck, the pain would tear you apart.”
“I’m pretty resistant that way.” She smirked.
“True.” He nodded. “But you hope I’d never do that to you. Doubt is always in the back of your mind. Isn’t it?”
“Is that question three?” she frowned.
His lips hung just in front of hers. He smelled the coffee, rich black cocoa mixed in with her natural aromas. Gone were the spicy scents from earlier which had been replaced by roses. “Odd, you smell of roses.”
A blonde eyebrow rose. “I do?”
His tongue darted out over her lips. A hand cupped her shoulder and pulled her closer. “Yes. You do.” He purposely let his canines extend.
She jerked back, but the defiant gaze in her eyes reappeared. “You’re trying to frighten me?”
A smile crept over his lips. He shook his head. “Why would I do that? I’m trying to seduce you.” His voice dropped a notch. Fangs in his mouth lengthened.
Her hands went to his sides. Sliding up the length of his body, she captured his face in her hands and pressed her lips into his.
Reinhold tasted the coffee along with her supple lips.
Nibbling on his lower lip, she suckled and flicked her tongue over the contours of his mouth before pulling back from the kiss.
He made a noise and let his fingers tangle in her baby fine hair. Grabbing a handful, he tugged her mouth away and dragged his teeth along the smooth edge of her jaw, making sure to nip and nibble frequently.
Her body shuddered against his, crushing her breasts into his chest. Her fingers held his head firmly as her mouth worked a trail of kisses up his neck and to his mouth.
Pulling away, Reinhold cocked his head to one side.
“What’s the matter, no longer feeling like the aggressor?” Her voice was a faint whisper.
Snickering, Reinhold shook his head before advancing for another kiss. “No,” he muttered against her mouth, smelling the faint traces of her musky arousal. “Waiting and observing.”
“For what?” Her mouth continued a sensual assault on his, her tongue thrusting past his lips.
Suckling on her tongue, he let her explore his mouth, his body hardening against hers. He’d been letting her control the kiss he’d initiated. Her tongue wrestled his for control until her hands slid down his body, cupping his swollen prick through his jeans. He wanted this, wanted her. But…
He had to wait.
He broke from the kiss. “Impatient, Mistress?”
Panting, Crissy shook her head. “No. Just making sure you’re not trying to top from the bottom again. You’re fun. That shit’s cute with my sister but not with me.” She gave him a grin and turned on her heels to leave. Walking out of the kitchen, she stopped at the door. “And remember, that’s my cock and you’re not to lay a hand on it unless I say so.” With that, she pushed through the door and walked away.
At least he’d made her smile and break away from that damned stolid image she’d always put out, even if it was just momentarily.
She’d poked her head back through the door. “One more thing, Reinhold?”
“Yes?” He looked up.
“If you want my collar back, I suggest you do something to earn it, young pup. Bye!” She slipped through the door and was gone.
His mouth dropped. “Lynne didn’t do that! It’s not fair!” Of course, he hadn’t received Lynne’s collar yet. Doubt that he would earn such a treasure filled his mind.
He heard her whistling a tune before footsteps sounded on the stairs.
Without his collar, he was just a submissive, not belonging to someone. What the fuck did that matter though? He was a wolf, they didn’t belong. They owned. They conquered,
Fuck the D/s aspect of their relationship. Reinhold knew it had to be that wolves were a gift to the sisters from Diana, but he didn’t have to like it.
Still, the burning pit in his stomach let him know he’d fucked up. Crissy had been the first to offer, but he stupidly forgot to put it back on after he finished his shower. Well, to be honest he didn’t forget. The gesture was done deliberately to spite Mistress Crissy.
The fact was that he was a wolf. He was never a bottom. He was a wolf who had control stripped from him at a young age. Memories of a rough childhood filled his mind, the beatings when others thought he was the weak member of the pack.
In his teenage years, he proved them wrong but was repeatedly told he’d become too aggressive.
When he entered the business world, he’d made sure to study the habits of successful humans. Those humans kept their emotions in check no matter what the perception of others. Those in power were in power for a reason.
Quite simply, they believed they were in power.
He scoffed. Wolves and humans were not so different after all. The realisation that Crissy had offered a piece of herself to him struck him in the gut with enough force to knock the wind out of him. Annoyed that he was actually fighting his baser instinct with his human one, Reinhold spun around and glanced out the window. Snowfall had dusted the tree tops and ground. The strong pull of the forest called to him. So did the call of Diana’s bond with the sisters, the bond that was ultimately a human one.
Clenching his fists, he stormed out of the kitchen. He had to apologise. Had to—
Stopping in his tracks, he realised he had to do something else other than apologise.
Reinhold had to beg his mistress for her collar.
A thousand more thoughts flew through his head. He didn’t know she was offering a permanent collar. Didn’t realise he was never to take it off. He even thought that he could tell her that she made him so hot and bothered that he simply forgot to put it back on after his shower, but ultimately the mistake was his. He’d simply taken the gesture for granted.
It wasn’t hard to do. She did tend to come off as callous and unfeeling much of the time he’d spent with her.
Was that enough to make him miss the grand gesture?
He lowered his head. He didn’t know.
Whatever she’d make him do to earn his collar would be way worse than him having to eat his own cum out of her sweet, delicious pussy.
“Fuck.” He set a hand on the door frame. “Fuck, fuck and more fuck!”

A Little Alexandria Rayne action on amazon

Holiday reading material for the author!

I’m not one to really pay much mind to the holidays, honestly I just see it as an excuse to drink (more) while I write LOL!Image

But even an author needs downtime and what better way to spend it than with an escape?

On my reading list, the following titles from my local library:

Starfire – Kate Douglas.  I recently picked up DemonFire, the first in her new series NOT Chanku related and realized I’m three books behind LOL!  A quick search of her site btw revealed just how far behind I am with her work, but that’s the life of a writer!  I was fortunate enough to meet her back in ’08 at RWA Nationals!

Next up would be Cynthia Eden.  I discovered her as a reviewer for Coffee Time Romance several years back and became hooked instantly.  ImageNot only is she a hell of a storyteller, with heat and passion and romance to boot, but she’s a really sweet author!  Have yet to meet her, but Never Cry Wolf has me only 40 pages in and hooked.  Simone is a badass, there’s no doubt in my mind and I’m sure we share some of the same inspirations for heroes in our stories. So far the plot keeps getting deeper and I can’t put the book down, except that I can’t smoke cigars and read outside due to the darkness and cold!

The sex scenes…well I remember reviewing her earlier work through Kensington and them being delicious, I think you’ll enjoy the new ones too ;)  I hope I can finish this book this weekend.

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Excerpt from Finding Eternity – Bound after Midnight Sneak Peak

tumblr_m9fhc7i3eX1r1dcylo1_1280~~~Soon to be out from Sizzler Editions.  Bound After Midnight features hot paranormal romances by Sascha Illyvich, Bonni Sansom and Margie Church

Solan, the warrior, has battled for  most of his life, fighting for Goddess only knows what on a planet devoid of beauty, letting a string of words guide him until he’s wounded gravely wounded in battle.  A woman, perhaps an angel, or demon, comes to his aid with one goal in mind.Fulfill her destiny and his:


Solan woke, his body thrumming with sexual need.  Gone were the aches and pains he’d experienced from battle, but memories would remind him of his fights.  He survived off those thoughts, images.  The sights and smells of battle surrounded him, hardened his resolve.

Shifting his weight, Solan recalled the previous events and found himself in soft place, a warm bed.  He balled his fists carefully, then unclenched them.  Toes wiggled, legs moved, he had full use of his limbs.

The limb he hadn’t used in months remained painfully erect.

Solan looked around the room, saw how empty it was.  A chest of drawers sat against a stone wall. To his left, a fire crackled in the pit.  The moon cast beams of light on the ground through the one large window.  Funny, he thought vampires would want closed walls to protect against sunlight.

He laughed at the concept of the sun’s rays reaching the ground.  Where he’d been, thick black smoke and soot blanketed the skies.  If the vampire kept him in a different part of the world, where was he?

He’d fought long and hard against those who would destroy the earth.  He’d struggled to remain free.

Solan served no man.

But Katherine’s last words…

He stiffened when he remembered her singing to him earlier.  He drew the sheet across his skin, became aware of his partial nudity.

The door beside him creaked open.   Katherine came through the threshold floating gracefully, rather than moving.  She stopped at the bed and smiled.  Her dress was similar to the one she wore last time he saw her, only the darker purple color brought out the exquisite hue of her eyes. The dress hugged her breasts, leaving nothing to the imagination.  Tapering at the waist, the hem dragged on the floor and swished with each step she took.  Her hair had been pulled back but strands hung down over her shoulders.

He wanted to move her hair so he could again see her ruby lips, her enchanting eyes and her wondrous smile.

Katherine’s mouth curled up in a grin.  Krylon blue eyes softened.  “You’re awake.”

He nodded.

“Are you in pain?”

The lilt in her voice made his cock throb.  “Only one ache I need to resolve…”  He let the sentence hang, hoping he wouldn’t offend her if she did catch his meaning.

She smiled, ruby red lips curving up, exposing fangs.

He should be afraid.  She could bite and kill him.

What purpose would that serve?  Heal him, then kill him?

Maybe she needed him at full strength in order to feed.

She tilted her head.  “Your mind races, but you do not act on your body’s instincts, Solan. Why not?”

Solan cocked a brow.  “Whatever do you mean?”

“Just as women have a scent for lust, so do men.  Yours is subtler because of your injuries.”  She sat beside him.  Gently, she slid her hand against his naked arm.

Her skin was soft and smooth, cool to the touch. He wanted to take her.  Staring into her eyes, he felt the pull, but not a vampire’s magic.  This power ran deeper, stronger.

She leaned in closer, hovering over him.

He went rigid, though he forced himself to speak.  “You could overpower and drain me dry, vampire.”

She blinked, her long eyelashes fluttering caresses over his cheek, “I suppose so.  But…”  Katherine nuzzled his cheek with hers, breasts crushed against his chest.  The soft fabric of her dress reminded him of his lack of a shirt.

His groin hardened even more.

Carefully, she moved up the length of his body until their eyes met.  Hunger in Katherine’s eyes reflected the mood he found himself in.

Her lips pressed to his in a light caress before she pressed harder against him.

Solan smelled iron, blood, flesh, life.  Her feminine scent washed over him.

Her hand found the back of his head, lifted it to her and pressed harder into him, deepening the kiss.

Thrusting his tongue into her mouth intensified her taste.   Soft curves surrounded him.  Her fingernails trailed down the length of his arm, stopping at his wrist.

He broke from the kiss and stared at her.  Reaching for her face, he cupped her cheek, ran the pad of his thumb along her jaw line.  “What…are you doing?”

Like he didn’t know.

Katherine blinked again, offered him a weak smile.  Her mouth moved, no sound came out.

“Do you want to sate me?”  His words rang out in the empty room. “Do you want me, Katherine?”

Need flashed in her eyes.  Flames of desire appear to lick her skin as more shadows danced over her flesh.  “I do.”

He moved out from under her and rolled her onto her back, “We do this my way.”

In seconds, she lay flat on her back, pinned to the mattress.  He straddled her, the hem of his kilt lifted slight, exposing his thighs.

She hesitated to touch him, even as her surprised expression changed to lust.  Her eyes remained half open, mouth parted.  “Take me if you have the desire.  Sate your needs with my body.”

Solan didn’t remember when last he’d spilled his seed in a woman’s womb.  “Yes, I will.”  He almost growled.

Katherine shifted beneath him so his erection would settle between her thighs.

He ran his hands up and down the length of her sides before drawing her arms above her head.

Her submissive nature surprised him.  Despite her strength, she moved with him, let him position her where he wanted her. She remained soft and tender as any human woman.

He held her wrists with one hand, noticed how small they were.  Delicate bone structure, he decided.  Her breasts jutted up at him, pale sculptures with nipples the color of dusty roses.  With his free hand, he traced a finger over her exposed flesh, enjoying how she shuddered beneath the slightest touch.

“I’m sorry,” he groaned, and ripped the top of her dress, exposing round, creamy breasts.

Before she responded, he lowered his mouth to her breast, took a nipple in between his teeth and scraped his tongue over the tight nub.

She sucked in a hard breath, arched beneath him and cried out.

He pulled the puckered nipple deeper into his mouth while grinding his hips into hers in a rhythmic, rocking motion.

Hands caught the hem of his kilt, lifted the thick material up.

Solan moved from one breast to the other, dragging his tongue over heated flesh.

He popped her other nipple out of his mouth, the sound echoing loudly.  “I thought vampires were cold to the touch.”

Katherine blinked.

Her hair spilled over the pillow in a glorious blanket.  Solan ran his fingers through the silky soft strands, amazed at how his arousal throbbed from such a simple act.

Her mouth curled up in a bow, “You have stirred something in me, szeretőm.  My flesh is heated by your…affection.”


The Holidays are upon us!

Erotic romance readers rejoice!  Another holiday season is upon us and that means we have a ton to look forward to in releases.  For starters, Lora Leigh, Jill Shalvis and J.  R. Ward have new releases coming out.

Because Christmas is upon us, (Yes I know November hasn’t ended just yet) I thought I’d promote my two holiday releases.  First up, A Christmas Favour.  This Total E-bound release (available at Amazon, and of course Total E-bound) was one of the earliest contemporary erotic romances I’ve written to date.

Can love unite two best friends that yearn for each other, even after years have passed?

Angela does have the blessed luck to have a best friend with a very handsome body and a kind heart. She’s managed to end up single during the holidays and having Christian come up from Houston to cheer her up has made a huge difference in her life. Things were going fine until a little playfulness became arousal and they ended up making damn sure neither suffered a cold winter night together!

Christian has been incredibly blessed with his life. He’s been given the IT job of his dreams, has the income he needs to feel secure and has the support of his long time best friend, Angela. What more could he ask for? Well, turns out he asked for her in his bed, over and over again and he wound up getting it. But his work schedule interferes with their relationship and causes heartache on both sides. Will he be able to figure things out and convince her that he’s the one for her?


What readers don’t know is that Angela is based on my sister, a woman whom I admire, respect and want only the best for.  It was a little odd in certain circumstances with the writing…but I had to get over it.    The style is light, fun, based loosely on Harlequin novels of the day (early 2000s) and has been well received.

Night Owl Romance made this book a top pick in 2009!  See the full review here

DragonCON Day Two

Started off oversleeping, there’s a shock since I think Attilia and I ended up in bed around 6 AM.  The dark room party was fun, ,hanging out and eating with handler and Attilia was a pleasure as always but my handler had been up for two days so I suggested she go to bed despite having to figure out our little hotel snafu.  If the guy

who screwed up isn’t dead…well he might be.

Shared a cigar with Attilia, shared a beer or two with her, then off to bed.  Saturday morning the fine folks at I Smell Sheep called to remind me we had an interview, only I wasn’t going to get downtown that fast so we rescheduled.  I grabbed food, books, showered, caught a ride back downtown and meandered through the crowds to get to where the interview was to take place.  It was brief but I met the find ladies, got a few pictures with them and picked up information as to when the interview will go up online.

After the interview, food time.  Lots of costumes yet I had NO ability to take pictures for the most part.

Then we did the cigar herf. This one wasn’t as large as Frolicon’s, but I only marketed this TO the fetish crowd. Next year, thinking maybe of doing it daily for those that couldn’t make it.  I managed to steal some time and a few pics of some of the hotness, and once again show my reign as Bad Boy of Romance, Prince Sascha.  The con itself is so huge, massive and fun but it’s tiring.  So much to do but spread over five hotels.  I spent most of my time either at the Hyatt or the Hilton.  The Hilton had us on the EFF track and that audio should be up soon for four of the panels we did, the other two didn’t/couldn’t record audio for legal purposes due to the nature of what they were discussing.

It was great to see Kayelle Allen again after not having seen her in a few years.  She’s someone I respected and thought of as a marketing mentor until I met my publicist but our time was too brief.  I tend to disappear from panels even though I’m moderating because between the booze and shit ton of water, the heat in a packed room doesn’t help.

Saturday night panels included our marketing panel and an LGBT panel that had low attendance but a really comfortable feel.  The marketing panel was pretty packed though.

Also, we talked about Ditter.

Once done, more time spent finding a place to either smoke a stick or find my handler and get back to the hotel.  But she usually shows up at some of the concerts while I disappear and mingle.  I honestly can’t remember WHAT happened last Saturday night.  It must have been that good ;)

I’m pretty sure I ran into my lovely friends Bill and LaDonna, had to hug them both and congratulate them on getting married.  They’re SO cute together!  Also, apparently I’m going to be LaDonna’s maid of honor…so I need to find a dress for that.  I cannot thank them enough for both their support, love and care and pimping of my books on and offline!  They truly are amazing people and great actors with big dreams I hope they reach.

This year I had copies of Heavenly Bodies to pimp out, which LaDonna helped me with, but we also brought copies of My Sexy Valentine – the first print anthology I edited at Sizzler Editions.  I signed a few copies, sold one or two, and have back stock for anyone who wants to read hot stories from Em Petrova, Ike Rose, Daisy Harris or Sharita Lira.

Now I have to get back to editing blog posts and writing, think I hear a glass of bourbon calling ;)

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Cocktails and Books Reviews Menage Bound

Cover for Menage Bound, a romantic bdsm tale of an impending threesome

So far the hype is good!

Madame Eve is at it again, this time finding the right woman for a pair of dominate males.

Siddella is in Vegas for business but longs to find the right pair of men who will help her live out her fantasies.  Chase and Jason are also in Vegas for business, but looking for the one woman who will accept them for who they are and love them together.  When they couldn’t find what they were looking for themselves, they enlisted the help of Madame Eve and her 1NightStand service.

I’d love to know what is in Madame Eve’s questionnaire because she has the innate ability to make couples who might sign up for one night but end up with so much more.

Read more at Cocktails and Books

Buy Menage Bound from Amazon

Read an excerpt below

Grabbing her purse, Siddella pulled out her wallet and slid her ID and a credit card into a back pocket along with the room key.  She hoped it wouldn’t be needed later.

Tossing the bag on the bed, she walked towards the door and stopped in front of the mirror.  She did a complete 360 turn, admiring her curves and the casual yet seductive look she hoped she pulled off.

Then, out the door she went.

Scanning the dense crowd, Siddella spotted two very tall, very handsome gentlemen waiting at a table, cigars in hand.

One stood casually, leaning forward, his broad shoulders filling the space between him and the other man.  Short dark hair curled in a neat cut.   Tanned skin suggested a Latino heritage.  The suit he wore seemed to leave nothing to the imagination and the boots completed the look.

She swore she came right there at the sight of him.

His partner leaned back and looked somewhat tense but he wore it well.  Long blonde hair cascaded down over an equally impressive physique though he appeared to be somewhat smaller in stature.

Sea blue eyes sparkled with mischief.

Neither had seen her yet.  Good.

She could still back out.

Her nipples pocked beneath the shirt and forced the urge to cover up to the front of her mind.

Mentally, she slapped herself.  This could be it.

She swallowed the lump in her throat and strode towards the two men.  Cigar smoke hung over their heads, sweetening the stale Vegas air.


The one with his back turned to her spun around and locked gazes with her.

The blonde’s eyes pinned her in place.  “Hi.  You must be…”

Her tongue snaked out and wet her bottom lip.  The cool air with which both men carried themselves hung in the air like a prominent force.

Power emanated from the blonde.  Control, from the dark haired male.

Realization hit her.

These two were the real deal.

Her mouth suddenly went dry.

Dark haired man extended an arm, slid a chair out from beneath the table.  “You should sit with us.  My name is Jason.  This,” he waved a hand at his partner, “is Chase.”

“I’m Siddella,’ Heat crept up her cheeks.  She had to look up to see how tall both men were even though they sat and commanded their surroundings, rather than the other way around.  She slid into the chair and set her hands on the table.  Jason’s eyes gleamed with intense lust, black eyelashes fluttered against his cheeks.

Chase’s silk shirt complimented the depth of color in his eyes while offsetting the tone of his fair skin.  She liked the look, it soothed her knowing someone else had fair skin like hers.

A waitress came over with two bourbons.  “What will the lady be having?”

“Scotch.”  Siddella couldn’t quite find her voice.

“Very well ma’am.  Neat?”

Two sets of eyes roamed over her body, flustering her further.  Her blood began to boil with arousal.  Liquid flooded her core.  “Yes.  Eighteen year if you have it.”

“Of course.” She trotted away, but not before eyeing the two sitting with Siddella.

“So, Madame Eve’s quite a woman,” Chase spoke first, waving his cigar back.

A brow arched.  “Madame Eve?”

“Yes, she’s the one who picked the three of us for this.”

“Hm,” Siddella received her drink a moment later, picked it up and lifted it in toast, “So she’s responsible for…”

“Exactly,” Jason leaned in.  “She’s a wise woman I understand.  Even if she’s a little…unique.”

Nodding, Siddella took a sip of her scotch.  “I had no idea this service was run by a woman.”

“I’m somewhat familiar with the man who owns this hotel and he tells me in little bits here and there about 1Night Stand.  Not much to say really.  We did the paperwork, submitted it and here we are, a few hours later.”

She whistled, “That was fast.  I did mine earlier.  You know–“

Jason held a hand up.  “Before we all turn into nervous chatterboxes,” he motioned with his cigar at Chase, “Why don’t we toast to this harmonious, potentially euphonious experience, then adjourn to a better local.”

Hand shaking, Siddella brought her glass to the center of the table. “What did you have in mind?”

Chase leaned in, clinking his glass against Jason’s, then against Siddella’s.  “We’ve set up something up in the penthouse suite.”

Siddella managed to swallow the lump in her throat and let out the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding.  The rich scent of cigar smoke, combined with the spiciness from Jason’s bourbon tickled her nose.  She leaned in a little closer, “Sounds fancy,” she held her glass up still, “So shall we toast?”

Chase winked, “A new beginning?”

Jason’s glass knocked gently against Siddella’s, then Chase’s.  “A new relationship.”

Both men seemed a little uncertain about what to toast.  Siddella met Jason’s gaze first, stared deep into those dark depths.  Kindness along with the embers of lust burned in his eyes.

Moving to Chase, she studied him only for a second longer than Jason. Chase’s eyes held a tranquil sway that screamed his desire to be trusted and do the right thing.  Deep passion twinkled in deep sea blue eyes.  She could go with them.  She’d at least be safe.

“Acceptance.  To full acceptance, boys.”

For a second, Jason seemed to hesitate as did Chase.

Then they brought their glasses together in one swift motion, before all three of them took long sips.

Siddella enjoyed the burn of the 18 year old scotch, letting the smoothness coat her tongue the way one of these men’s cocks would in a few minutes.  She hadn’t forgotten the buzzing of her sex, the pulse of her heart throbbing while lust fueled every movement.

Jason and Chase stood in unison.  “Shall we?”  Both men set their glasses down, finished cigars ended up in the ashtray.  They extended a hand to her.

She took them in hers, noting the size difference when they stood.  Both towered over her by a good foot at least. Their hands were huge.

Neither man left doubt in her mind about the size of their cocks when she glanced at their crotches.

Her breath caught in her throat.

She remembered to inhale, exhale.  Then, feeling the warmth from both men encircled her, she followed them like a good little girl out of the casino bar and into the nearest bank of elevators.  Aware of the overwhelming presence of male surrounding her, she couldn’t help but giggle.

“Something the matter, Siddella?  You can back out at any time.”

The tenderness came from Chase.

Back out?  Hell no!  Her body thrummed with so much sexual energy she could probably power the Vegas Strip for at least a week.  She offered an innocent smile.  “I’m good.  Let’s do this.”  Batting her eyelashes, she cocked her head to the side.

Jaosn smirked.  “Do you want a safe word?”

The smart move would be to say yes.  Somehow it wouldn’t be needed.  But…

“Unlike my partner, I’m not asking.  I’m giving you one.  Wine Bottle.  If things get too heavy, you simply say wine bottle.”  Chase didn’t look back.

The air of cool coming from Chase made her knees weak.  “Wine bottle.  Okay.”  At least they were thinking of her safety.  Yeah, they possessed the traits of true dominant males who valued her existence enough to give her a safe word.  She smiled at the gesture.

The elevator dinged. Siddella started forward but a hand on her shoulder stopped her.  She looked back at Jason.

His eyes narrowed.

She let out a sigh.  “Please, after you.”

Jason stepped into the elevator, followed by Chase. Then they turned and with the slightest of movements, acknowledged Siddella, giving her permission to enter.

The material of her shirt began irritating her already hard nipples.  Anticipation drove her wild.  What would these men do to her?

What would start things off?

Only a few more moments would pass before she found out.

Buy Menage Bound from Amazon


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