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After the success of A Christmas Favour (out from Total E-bound) as a contemporary romance that “I” wrote, I wanted to keep digging into my softer side. I’d spent considerable time writing BDSM romance and enjoying it but writers have to write what they feel, and sometimes I just wanted to do something hotter yet different and still come across as sweet.

Hence, Caressing Caitlyn. A 5,000 word short story from Sizzler Editions based on someone very dear to my heart. I wanted to write something like what I’d been reading at the time when I was going through my small but ever growing Harlequin BLAZE collection and reading Janelle Denison, Julie Leto and others like them.

Margie Church’s review on GoodReads

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      1. You’d barely begun it, IMO. Challenge yourself the next time you need a break from the usual. I’m unplugging after these 2 erotica pieces and writing a sensual…tuning back into the romance instead of the urgent, rock your world scenes. I really wanted to know what happened next with Caitlyn. And as you’re always telling me, 30k isn’t that much…

  1. No but I’m not doing contemporary for awhile at least. I might have one with the menage i’m working on for Total E-bound towards the end of hte year but we’ll see.

    1. Funny how the year is mapped out in books for us. You’ll write it when you’re moved to it. I know it’s inside you. Now could you help me out with this complicated m/m bondage scene I’m writing? LOL

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