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Some of you may have seen on twitter or facebook my talk of trying to write a novel in three days, starting TUESDAY!  YES!  Going to rock out the words like a buas heh.

I’ve mentioned briefly trying to cross other genres with romance.  I’ve managed to get a decent foothold in science fiction/fantasy when I wrote books like Siddella’s Surrender and Bound to Her, made a good entry into contemporary romance with A Christmas Favour and Stuck, but now I’m trying my hand at something else.

I needed to write two stories for agent Saritza Hernandez, neither one in paranormal since both she and Marisa have plenty of that from me.  We all feel that I can expand into the contemporary market with ease while growing as a writer.

In April I began plotting Liliana’s Awakening, a novella dealing with growth and finding passion between two penpals who become lovers.  The trials and tribulations of crossing the cultural bridge even in today’s day and age make for the beginning of a great story about love knowing no bounds.  I was very proud to write the story and happy I had the inspiration I did because the happily ever after I may have written (had to put that in there!) needed to be written for my heroine.

I completed the first draft just ahead of my proposed schedule of finishing the novella by June 1st (I finished it May 28th) and am letting it rest while I plot something new.

This month I’ve been focusing on crafting a romantic suspense novel, currently with a shit title.  Honestly, I have NO idea what to name it since I’m still plotting it, but I’d read in an article on Ghost Woods where author Michael Moorcock talked about his basic tips for writing a 60,000 novel in THREE DAYS!  

Imagine if I could do that a few times a year…

The fun you would all have as readers LOL!  Anyway, I’ve spent the entire month of June preparing, trying to figure out how and where to drop bodies,  why the bodies drop and how I’d kill the vis.  I’ve crated three dynamic characters I hope you’ll get to meet very soon, all in the name of writing something outside my comfort zone!

I have one more day where I need to figure out some loose plot points, then away with the fairies I go!

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