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That’s the word I chose to focus on for the coming year because I need one, I want one, and I deserve one. Granted, I’m mostly talking about my financial situation, and my level of “low” has upgraded, blessedly. But I’m also talking about my trading. My relationships, my drink making, my cigar knowledge, my alcohol knowledge (wine in particular), and most importantly, my WRITING.
I’ve spent most of this year NOT being a writer. I’ve been a bartender, I’ve been a student of the bar (heh heh) and I’ve been a trader (mostly) both live and on paper. I’ve been more of a cigar aficionado.


Oh, update. I was let go from The KOP lounge.  It was a blessing in disguise, TRUST ME! Such a shit show with the manager being overworked, another higher up being overworked, a cheap bastard owner, and employees who didn’t know shit about our POS.  Oh and that whole back pain shit.
BFB Downut every time I pick up an older MS slated for release when it’s time, I get a feeling of elation and longing – yes, for my schedule is less erratic and more predictable, but more for the ability to come back and craft. The Undead Souls MC series is one book away from being finished. Clint – a sort of SoA rip off, needs to be rewritten from the ground up because of the lessons I learned in the Undead Souls MC about plotting a series, and really, being a better writer in terms of telling a better story.
Yes, I’ll have to learn marketing, that’ll be at least ONE breakthrough. Another will be when I finally start hitting the nail on the head and making sustainable income from said initial breakthrough.
I have at least six FULL-Length novels that are ready if not NEAR ready for the world to see. Plus, Undead Souls may have a follow-up series (Firebrand MC for those who have read Riding Tempest) just WAITING for the world to see what I have to share in Romance.
I’ll be at the shop most of January, pending some possible news, so I’ll be plotting, returning back the first week of January for my first BREAKTHROUGH.
What’s your word to focus on for 2020?

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