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Undead Souls MC

She’s ready for some peace. He’s desperate to save his sister. Can they survive vamps, fae, and bikers long enough to win each other’s hearts?

Jonas will stop at nothing to find a cure for the fatal disease made worse when he attempts to heal his sister through vampire conversion. Even if it means betraying his motorcycle club.

Bone weary from the ever-present threats on her life from pure-blood Faery bikers, Tempest will make one last delivery to the Queen of Faery. Payment for delivery will allow her to escape from violent motorcycle gangs aiming to kill the woman who straddles both the undead and Fae worlds.

Sparks fly between the vampire biker and halfling truck driver, even as she holds animosity toward his club. But when Tempest learns of Jonas’s true reasons for attempting to steal her cargo, can she really hold his status in an MC she despises against him?

Riding Tempest is the harrowing first installment in the Undead Souls Motorcycle paranormal romance trilogy. If you enjoy heart-driven heroes and gutsy heroines, then you’ll enjoy Sascha Illyvich’s fast-paced tale.

Grab your copy of Riding Tempest and hold on for the ride of your life!

In love and war, the only thing they need to know is when to surrender to their hearts.

Ambitious enough to handle the challenges his club faces as strangers in a strange land, the president of the Undead Souls MC wants nothing more than to ride in peace. But threats abound to the club’s harmony.
When the Queen of Faery tasks Cristin with finding her errant daughter, he’s met the one challenge to his personal chill. His Fated Mate.
Except not only does his halfling mate not want to be found, she hates the undead, despite being part vampire. How long can they fend off their mutual attraction before an affair starts a bloodthirsty battle between the undead and the Fae?
Riding Myst is the second book in the Undead Souls MC Paranormal Romance series.

If you crave enemies to lovers, opposites attract, determined alpha heroes and steamy romance, click here to download Riding Myst now!

His last ride endangered his club. Will his next be his last, or will he find a savior in an uncommon ally?

After taking a sabbatical, Rayne needed space to rethink his existence. Riding around his homeland allowed him to clear his head. But when the MC demands his presence in Faery, will his peace be threatened?

When the MC tasks him to track their king’s assassin, he didn’t expect his calm to be interrupted by Hannah’s seductive allure.

Rayne complicates her goal of finding her brother by being the storm to her calm but will their affair result in heartbreak when she discovers he must capture and kill her brother?

Riding Rayne is the third action packed novel in the Undead Souls MC series. If you’re a fan of troubled heroes and sassy heroines, download Riding Rayne today and join our lovers in the chase!

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