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The Opeth Series

A destiny he never desired. When death stalks the heart mates he abandoned, can he find the strength to return before their lives end in slaughter?

Jozsi never wanted to lead the pack. And though it means walking away from those who fill his heart, for the sake of his sanity he deserts the dying tribe. But even as he sets out on a fresh path, an issued challenge demands he return to face his destiny.

Determined to cling to his freedom, the rebel wolf refuses the call. But when the current leader counters with threats of slaughtering his cherished lovers if he continues to refuse the challenge, Józsi resolves to save them, even if it means facing certain death.

Will Józsi prevail, or will he lose his life to fang and claw?

His Reign is the first novel in the Opeth Pack Saga paranormal werewolf romance series. If you enjoy action packed stories of courageous heroes and strong-willed heroines fighting for love against all odds, then you’ll love Sascha Illyvich’s heartfelt tale.

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Katarina shows up on Nicholaus’s doorstep in Albuquerque, NM to bring him back to Hungary, in order rescue their third partner, Krystyna. His reticence is that he’ll be dragged back into pack politics and forced to use magic that frightens him. Upon rescuing her from the Turkish wolf pack leader, General Savas, Krystyna’s secret is revealed. Then the General comes after the Opeth Pack. Nicholaus is forced to use his magic and deal with the aftermath of his other lover’s secret, upon returning to Hungary to accept his place beside the new pack alpha while it’s revealed that a race of demigods known as Nobles are scheming to prevent the Opeth Pack from reaching Heaven.

Her dreams predict love and loss, but they’re just dreams. Reality is much harsher.

Éva doesn’t remember who she is, but her life seems complete. When a stranger shows up, announcing himself as her protector, she has her reservations until hunters arrive and attack both the witch and her two wolves. Álmos aids in defending Éva but a larger threat looms overhead.

While Álmos seems harmless to her physically, and emotionally, he’s slowly clawing his way into her heart, but will they be able to discover their relationship, or will the dreams she’d feared come true?

A battle broken soldier. A weary warrior fighting for the opposing side. Will they overcome their differences and defeat their opponents while discovering undying love?

A soldier for the Opeth Pack, Troy fought for what was right. When he discovers the enemy’s plans to eradicate the wolves involve sending in a spy, Troy never imagined he’d have to fight his other soulmate. His near death at her hands tests their growing bond.

Megan’s loyalties lay with the Nobles. Promised a life of comfort if she’d only follow orders, she did as they asked until she discovered her soul mates within the Opeth Pack. When she nearly kills Troy, she finds herself at the mercy of not just the pack, but her conscious.

Can they overcome their past in time to stop the threat looming over the Opeth Pack, or will the Nobles get one step closer to eradicating the wolves?

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Setting out to stop her loved ones from being killed, Aurelia must finally show her presence and reveal that she is indeed, part of a love triad. Only the choice she makes with her power causes dire circumstances for the Opeth Pack as tension builds in the relationship. Viktor has always been able to calm Bianca’s fiery temper, even as the stress of Prophecy has brought the fight to the Opeth Pack wolves. But Bianca’s limits are reached when Aurelia shows up and only adds to the complications surrounding the Pack. With eminent threats looming, danger hangs in the air for the entire pack but can this triad’s love stand the greatest test of all?

The end of the world is near, but Les wants no part of it. He’s determined to run and hide, covering his mistakes and sins with bravado to protect the secrets of his heart. If he fails, his entire pack will be eradicated by the Noble threat. Genesis, the beginning, is Les’s mate. She wants only to give him the love she’s harbored since their first night, when she found him and knew he was hers. But his stubbornness has him eluding her, and she’s determined to bring him to Paradise with her, once they open the Gates. Can Les and Genesis fend off the Noble threat and enter Paradise? Or will the end of the world, and all the pain of the Opeth Pack, consume them?

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