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His Needs Consumed Him…

The oldest of the Rayborne brothers, Sinjin’s insatiable appetite for sex has earned him the nickname “Sin.” But his frequent visits to London’s most infamous pleasure houses must now come to an end. For a rogue who’s accustomed to indulging his every desire, one woman can never be enough…until Sinjin locks eyes with Katelyn Davenport, and knows she is the one woman he can’t get enough of… 

Until He Met the One Woman Who Could Satisfy Them all…

Betrothed to a much older man in payment for her late father’s gambling debts, Katelyn dreads her wedding day—and her wedding night even more. When she meets Sinjin at a soirée intended to introduce him to the eligible young ladies of the ton, she envies the lucky woman who will ultimately become his bride. But when Sinjin seduces Katelyn, giving her just a taste of his legendary skills, she can only imagine herself in his bed every night.

When I picked up this story it started off with hot sex.  I guess that resonated with the male in me enough to make me overlook the fact that this was (yet again) a historical romance.  My issue is with Historicals overall, but not with Julie’s books.  Ms. Templeton’s SinJin rocked my socks actually!  The sex was hot, the story did NOT get caught up in all the prim and proper BS I hate about historicals, it got right to the point.  Even with the cute side plot hinting at lesbian activity, (I tend to dislike side plots right now) it was a very enjoyable and fast paced read.

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