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Sometimes Three is Not a Crowd! Is bisexuality the new norm? Can their be blissful sex, not to mention actual romance, for three and not just for two? Of this sensational, timely new collection, the author says: “What could be better than two men and one woman?  Maybe two women and one man?  I have daydreamed about it. Haven’t you?

This collection contains a few new stories and some old ones from that deal with the wonderful topic of ménage.  In “Emerald Green,” we meet the sexy Naomi who dares Alex to fulfill his fantasy of being with a guy, going so far as to sweeten the deal with her own hot body.  In “Madison’s Cure,” we have the traditional workaholic who often fantasizes about the woman he stays with.  Can she think of a way to get him away from his work long enough to focus on something more interesting?  In “Lashway’s Lease,” Lindsey desperately wants something from an on-again off-again fling who controls prime real estate, so she tries something unusual to get the apartment she wants!

These six short stories were fun to write and arousing as well.  I hope you enjoy reading about My Bisexual Fantasies.”

Excerpt from Emerald Green:

“You’ll really suck my cock if someone answers this ad?”  Alex turned towards Naomi.

She brushed strands of hair back from her face and smiled wider.  “You have to get fucked in the ass, yes.  But I’ll do more than suck that cock of yours if someone answers this ad.

Alex licked his lips at the thought.  Smiling, he looked at Naomi.  She was bent over, giving him a view of her luscious ass in tight jeans.  He licked his lips.  “You’re serious?”

She straightened and set her hands on her hips.  The stare in her eyes said she wasn’t joking.  Her lips pursed together.

Alex snickered. “I didn’t think so.”

“Oh no,” she sauntered to him, swaying her hips with each step.  “I’m very serious.”

He chuckled.  “So what you’re saying is in order for you to fuck me, there has to be another hot guy involved.”

Her lips curled upwards.  “Yeah, sure.  You know you want this.”

Alex spun around in his chair and spread his legs.  He leaned back and grinned.  “Yeah.  I do.”  The erection in his pants couldn’t be more obvious.  He swore he saw Naomi’s nipples pucker beneath the top she wore.

“So what now?”

Naomi sank to her knees and rested her head on Alex’s bare thigh.  “We wait.”

He sighed.  “Fine!”  Setting a hand in her hair, he stroked her curls.  Her warm face so near his cock made him harder and she knew it.  But he wasn’t going to push anything right now. Alex did want to feel a hard piece of dick between his ass again.  It’d been so long since the last time he’d been fucked.

The act itself wasn’t the issue.  Guys always seemed to want a commitment after sex and Alex wasn’t bisexual for a relationship.  He simply liked getting off.  The harder, the better. Or as he’d told Naomi once, the more the merrier.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful minus a few emails from guys who showed potential by actually following the instructions left in the ad Alex placed online.

Naomi cooked dinner for him, preparing a Tuscan meal from a recipe she’d learned on a recent trip to Italy.

They ate and drank the rest of the evening away until it was time for her to go home.  “Now remember,” she stood just outside the building, “You get one guy you really want, you’ll CC me?”

“Yeah.  I’ll make sure you see the entire exchange and we set up something this week.”

“You promised!”  She winked.

Alex licked his lips and watched her turn around.  Seeing her walk away was almost a delight in itself, the round curve of her ass enticing him and making him hard again.

Still, could he go through with it?  And what would happen once the mystery man showed up and found out he wasn’t actually gay but bisexual?

The ad Alex left gave a little leeway in that he specifically mentioned being open to threesomes but so far all the responses had been from guys in the Bay Area who were strictly homosexual.

Sitting back at is computer, Alex made a list of potential play partners in the event that a few of them couldn’t meet when Naomi and he wanted?  After all, what fun was going fishing if you only caught one fish?

A day later, Alex found himself showering, stroking his cock and thinking about how hot it would be to have a nice fat dick in his mouth. Carefully, he reached for the razorblade and shaving cream.  Spraying a thick amount of gel into the palm of his hand, he smeared it all over his prick and balls, making sure to get a good lather.

With his other hand, he tugged his sac down and ran the blade over his skin twice making sure to get as much hair off his groin as possible in one sweep.  Rinsing the blade, he made several more passes, stroking his lubed cock at the same time while thinking about the hot piece of meat that would soon slip between his tight ass cheeks.

Oh, he stroked more, “couldn’t forget about the hot pair of lips that are going to suck my dick at the same time…”  Alex fell back against the tile and let the spray wash down his body while he jerked.  Faster and faster, bumping his ass against the wall, he imagined that thick cock and heavy balls bouncing off his ass the same way he’d fuck Naomi’s.  It’d be a magnificent ménage,

Another moment later, Alex shut his eyes and jerked harder, faster before the familiar feeling of tightness swelled in his lower belly and balls.  He shot a huge load all over the bathtub, grunting out Naomi’s name.

Panting, he let the spray wash away all traces of spent seed before rinsing his body off and drying his blonde hair.

Stepping out of the bathroom still erect, he wandered over to the computer and clicked on the new email icon.

The message came up.

Hi, I found your ad and wondered if you ever have been with women?  I have a fantasy too I’d like to enact involving a hot guy, his girlfriend and myself.  My pics are attached.  I’m just under six feet tall, clean shaven everywhere and versatile.  I hope to hear from you.  Juan.

Alex’s heart thumped loudly in his chest.  He opened the pictures and found an attractive guy standing in shorts and a tank top that showed off a well muscled chest.  The guy wasn’t overly huge, just toned.  Black curls hung down just above his eyes.  His dark skin seemed like it had been dusted with cocoa.  Emerald green eyes sparkled with a smile that would lead most people into the devils’ layer regardless of sexual preference.

Oh and the obligatory cock shot.

Opening the picture up, Alex saw what would be buried in his ass.

Alex licked his lips.  His cock grew hard again.

Taking one last look at the hot man’s even hotter prick, Alex clicked the forward button and sent the email to Naomi for her approval.

A moment later, he’d begun writing Juan back.  They’d agreed to meet at the bar around the corner from where Alex lived and yes he’d bring his female companion who shared the fantasy along.

Naomi replied ten minutes later with a one line email.


Yum, indeed.

The next morning, Alex woke to find a few more pictures from Juan.  Returning the favor, Alex sent off a few body shots and cock shots to Juan in hopes of instant approval.  Then he set his camera up on his desk, stripped out of his boxers and set the timer on the camera.

Turning around, he faced the wall.  Bending over, he flexed his ass, arching his hips in a very effeminate manner that usually made other men salivate.

Standing at attention, Alex walked over and reviewed the few pictures he’d taken.  Then he’d attached them and sent them back to Juan.

Before the middle of the day, the time had been set for their meeting.

Naomi showed up just before five.

Alex let her into the building, noting the scent of jasmine rain perfume wafting behind her.  She wore a tight top that showed plenty of cleavage, her hip hugger jeans and black ankle boots.  Her dark brown hair hung loosely around her face, emphasizing her jade eyes.

Oh and she wore lipstick that emphasized her plump lips.

“You look hot.”  Alex hugged her.

She wrapped her arms around him “You will too.”  She licked a line of heat along his neck.

Alex led her up to his apartment, holding her hand.  Something about her, the way she touched him made him shiver at the realization that he was actually getting what he wanted from her.

Naomi kept close behind him with each step they took up to his apartment.  He opened the door, ushered her in and offered her a seat on his leather couch.  “I’ll be a moment.”

She nodded.

“Want a drink?”

She blinked. “Nervous?”

He feigned a smile. “A little. What if this guy doesn’t want me?  Or what if this goes all wrong?  Or…”

Naomi stood and cleared the distance between them.  “Let this guide you.” She grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him into her.

Pressing his mouth against hers, he tasted her.

Her tongue snaked between his lips, urging his out to play.

Alex let the feelings he’d held onto slip away into her kiss.  Closing his eyes, he let himself feel her pressing against him, pushing him against the desk so that he was backed up to it, trapped between it and her breasts crushing against his chest.

She bit at his lower lip, nibbling along his mouth.

He let out a soft moan, his cock springing to life beneath his silk pajamas.

Naomi rocked her hips against his erection.

Alex moaned a little louder.  He raised a hand to cup her ass and press her deeper into him but she remained stiff.

Pulling back from the kiss, she smiled.  “Go get that drink and get dressed.  It’s almost time to meet him downstairs for that drink.”

Nodding, Alex watched Naomi peel herself off him.  He swore he saw the disappointment in her eyes at the thought of having to stop.  The reality was, what was coming up would be much hotter.

Oh yes it would.

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