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I have been silent the last few weeks as we prep for Frolicon.  For those keeping up, I’ve got six panels, a wedding I’m part of, a cigar herf and some book stuff to do while in Atlanta.  It’ll be a blast, I promise!darksens_sascha_2

Now for the big news item 1:

Dark Sensualities and Primal Instincts is out in PRINT!

“A wonderful, erotic storyteller … turns you on and tugs your heartstrings at the same time!” -Sabrina Smith Moses. Sascha Illyvich, the famed “Bad Boy of Romance” is noted for his dark, paranormal erotica – and the best of it is here in this enthralling collection which includes a complete novel novel of vampires and eros (Dark Traders), a wonderful novelette of lycanthropy and romance (Wolf Magic), plus more unforgettable novelettes and short stories. “His books make me wet.” -Pinky Francisco

There’s a possibility I’ll have copies for sale at Frolicon FYI.

The SECOND bit of news:

RED SAGE accepted Endangered, book 1 of my Nights of Lust series!

I’m filling out paperwork now and awaiting a contract from them.  This honestly is a dream come true on one level for me, making me a pretty damn thrilled author to be there.

Josef, Livia and Isabella finally get a home, possibly along with the rest of the crew in that series once I develop the marketing.  Look around for me to hit up the blog tours as a publishing date is received.   I’ll be hitting the internet talking about this book and in person doing what I can to promote it!  I’m excited!

About Endangered:

As a rogue cop, Josef Staganov is attempting to bring down The Syndicate, a large crime organization wreaking havoc on San Francisco.  Sensing his imminent death, he swears to take them out and provide just a little more safety to this world until they get him hooked on the dangerous drug LS-13 that’s being pushed on the streets turns him into an addict.

For the last few hundred years, vampire Livia Illona and her lover have sought after the man who can renew her soul, finally settling on his signal in America.  Becoming The Queen of the Night, she ruled over San Francisco until The Syndicate forced her into smaller and smaller territory.  Finding Josef became a blessing in disguise as power combined would help her with her true immediate goal, the reclaiming of her lover’s son.

Can she pull him out of his suicidal phase to show him his true power and convince him to help her recover Isabella’s son, or will The Syndicate win this round and continue spreading their violent ways?

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