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That’s right readers, from one Con to the next, I’m off!  Yes, as Judy Mays put it on Facebook, I do get around.  The cons are fun and exhausting at the same time but DragonCON is probably the ONE convention I look forward to each year.  I get to see friends, other authors, make new friends, expose my books to people *wicked grins* and more.

Thanks to Stella Price, Stephanie Burke, Marianne LaCroix, Gail Z. Martin, Kiernan Kelly, Nancy Knight, Debra Dixon, Nancy Knight, Venessa, Toni Weiskopf and Betsey Mitchell and Lucienne Diver.  The panels we shared were really great I thought and audience turnout was amazing.

Sadly I’m drained and can’t even create or write so I’ll sign off and leave you until I’m back from Vegas 🙂

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