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I couldn’t bring myself to buy the one Thy Art Is Murder shirt I would have worn….so here’s me in the one I bought!

That’s probably not the best title, hm? But I’ve been following SpainSays on Instagram and much of the time they have some pretty hilarious content that makes more sense to locals. Anyway, this is about YouTube. Did you know I had a YouTube channel? I’ve had a variety of topics on there but haven’t really blogged on it in probably three years, minus a test run I did for RWA back last year.

Since I’m not doing conventions at the moment (more on that in another post) I don’t have a platform outside of Facebook, and honestly? I miss talking to you, my readers, fans, etc. Facebook live is cool but the problems I have are when I actually get views while I’m doing it live and I have to lean forward to you see more of my head than necessary LOL!

Steven Tyler has his mic, Jonathan Davis his, and CJ McMahon, the baddest of them all!

I covered a variety of topics, ranging from writer stuff, social media stuff, our former GoFundMe (thank you) and cigar/wine stuff. Much of the time I ranted, but I teased other authors, shared writing tips and talked about things pertaining to writers.

Pleasantly surprised they kicked ass!

Apparently, while authors on YouTube are still relatively rare, talking about their books or their process doesn’t get much traction. Or maybe it’s that I haven’t been consistent in my updating. I was fairly consistent with writing updates, back stories on old novels (which I did a small podcast series on) and the process as I was going through various stages in my writing career, but I’m contemplating re-starting that channel. I’d separate my alcohol and cigar reviews on another channel and maybe focus on things readers WANT to know until I’ve gained enough of an audience that actually cares about the process. You see this blog post and most of them, as of late, have been long form rants.

Thy Art Is Murder

The apartment saga, the move, the RWA/RAM feels, my heart surgery a year and some days ago, all of it’s been just me rambling to get back into the habit of blogging routinely since I’ve started doing newsletter swaps and some light promo for Paula’s Craving.

But would my journey into witchcraft or tarot be of any interest to you, dear reader? Would you have any interest in learning about the oddities of my inspiration? Again, that’s writer shit, but some things that capture my interest spawn stories. My macabre interest in Chernobyl, for example, has a story it’ll be paired with that will tie into my interest in Numbers Stations. Are you curious about them? And would you prefer weekly content?

After the Burial fucking KILLED it

Because I write in the paranormal world, I was thinking of starting off with some witchy stuff. I’m going to use the Tim Ferris method of going about this. He mentioned years back his podcast started off as a “See if I can keep up the momentum of it after six podcasts” and it has turned into one of the most downloaded/listened to podcasts on Spotify.

It’s late as I’m writing this, but I thought about blogging about wolf shit. What would that be, you ask? Good question. Wolves in magic, wolves in myth, wolves in real life, maybe? Wolves in how I wish people would stop showing off and fucking with wolves mouths for ‘tha gram’ because if that wolf bit the idiot, I’d give that good boy a treat? Maybe there’s an opportunity to tie that in with support for the Wolf Conservation Center.

Maybe my Tarot IS the way to go. Again, not because I’m adding a side hustle, but as an interest to the curious? I’ll be honest. I had half a mind to livestream Ember and/or Kel doing kitty cat shit for fifteen minutes and see if my views jumped. Or simply recording them on a loop for half an hour to see if I could learn to tag videos properly!

Brand of Sacrifice exploded the pit on the first song!

Hell. I don’t know, honestly,. Right now? Here are some pictures from the last concert I attended: Thy Art Is Murder. Brand of Sacrifice, Currents (both kicked ass) After the Burial, all had wicked mosh pits. And after getting slammed around, knocked in the face by foot or ass (crowd surfers!) on a Sunday night? I came. Home AND made a few new friends to help me with language learning! I will have a separate post about the show, because the sheer amount of respect metal heads have for one another’s safety continues to amaze me. Plus, Anthony Notarmaso had something really important to say, so if WP will host the video, it’ll be here. CJ from Thy Art had some important words too, but I didn’t catch the right part of him talking, so I’ll put it into context too.

Let me know in the comments what you’d be interested in me doing on YouTube. Or if you found this post via my newsletter, again, thank you and let me know!

Someone who also enjoys death metal would be Derrick, former spy turned bodyguard.

He wants a quiet life. She’s about to turn up the volume…

He wants a quiet life. She’s about to turn up the volume…

Puma-shifter Derrick is plagued by nightmares from his days as a spy. Still struggling to cope with the traumatic memories, he throws himself into work to stay sane. But his latest gig protecting a gorgeous death metal vocalist has all his worst demons screaming with desire.

Sonja is no stranger to ominous threats. With a voice that can control shifters and humans alike, she knows she’s a powerful weapon… in the wrong hands. And tired of always looking over her shoulder, she’s happy to put her trust in her sexy new guard and do her best to ignore their red-hot chemistry.

Intent on defending the stunning singer and her unique magic, Derrick’s past mistakes come back to haunt him when she is kidnapped. And when Sonja finds herself at the mercy of the dangerous Anti-Shifter League, her only way to save everyone’s skin could lie in the power of her magical songs.

Can Derrick and Sonja pick up the beat and drive hard to the ultimate happily ever after?

The Bodyguard is the thrilling first book in the Burning Desires paranormal romance series. If you like smoking-hot attractions, wild women, and broody heroes, then you’ll adore Sascha Illyvich’s luscious tale of unexpected love.

Buy The Bodyguard to rock out to passion’s power today!

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