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Fuck. Not a blessing, exactly. More like, seriously? Can shit continue to break bad in this complex? Or break for that matter…

Apparently, a water main exploded yesterday in the complex, so the entire place is without water. I had the benefit of being able to gather enough water in the bathtub to take a shower, but you know the problem now with one flush, sharing the apartment with a human while being in a human body…

At least I have electricity.

I’ll be DAMNED if A: We don’t have water to do SOME light washing of dishes OR My hair… I can put dirty dishes in the dishwasher but I don’t want shit piling up – I feel like we’re almost home free of these fucking roaches. Finally, maybe getting that goop and a few fucking traps will end this plague…

I cleaned, created AMZN ads yesterday for my Riding Tempest, Undead Souls Vampire MC novel since Riding Tempest is already up for sale. The book is good, has the Kerry Adrienne stamp of approval!

When I noticed the pressure going down, I filled the water pitcher, tea kettle.

I’d LIKE some tea during this holiday BECAUSE I bought Indigo Punch for us to have as ice tea! I’m not normally one for ‘light’ or ‘fruity’ teas. We had fruity last month…(Go ahead, get offended…you know I’m right!) but if i do what I always do then I’ll always have what I always have.

Not sure what’s in the cards outside of finding a bathroom and grabbing water, but I’m hoping I can get some words on the page. I haven’t been able to make that happen since Wednesday and I need to call it; officially I’m starting a new novel! The last of what’s currently called Burning Desires (The Bodyguard, Saint in Sinner’s Eyes) will have a third book. Then I can have a simple trilogy off my plate, move back to Nights of Lust and edit the last two titles, both of which were written this year. After? I finish the third Protectors book and THEN…start a new six book series that’ll be written to market…Illuminati werewolves vs. the Mafia as they are now, not as they once were when they were actually respectable.

Oh…somewhere in there, I need to edit and figure out how it SHOULD be, Addicted to You. There’s series potential but since I wrote that last year as a standalone, I have the opportunity to maybe make it fit a larger (read, sellable) trope. I need to research the whole demon as a hero thing, maybe dark paranormal, because my hero is literally a demon who deals drugs.

While my boss is cavorting in Vegas next week for PCA, I’ll be at the shop eager to see what new stuff she brings back for us, for our customers. And I’m still looking for bartending. But my reading for July? That showed a need for discipline, with emotion. Skills put to a test.

And I meant it. Infected Rain > Halestorm! Maybe it’s my affinity for Moldova…or the girl I’d consider running off with if A: She wasn’t so stubborn and B: I wasn’t such an Alpha(hole) on occasion…

This Fourth of July, I will be thankful that I can pop off and say whatever goddamn thing I want, (fuck you!) and the Government (suck a nut, assholes) won’t come boot stomping my door down and have me arrested (Fuck you Fed Reserve, eat a bag of dicks) and/or shot for treason. (did I get enough clicks yet?) I can complain as LOUD as I want, and not face the end of a barrel or see another jail cell. (Long story but it involves my Cadillac when I was in my early twenties.)

I know I’m two days late, but Rabbit, Rabbit!

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