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I can’t help but milk this to the very last drop.  The book isn’t on my anything list other than “fuck this book” list.  Laura Antoniou even gave us a parody that rocked as it was just funny as hell…

I’m probably not going to be able to list 50 titles.  So suggestions are welcome!  Anything that drives traffic and helps my SEO bwahahaha!

The books in question here are superb in every way, from plot, to originality, to the most basic writing skill.  And are listed in no order.

  1. The Ice Queen – Joey W. Hill
  2. Jack’s Christmas Wish – Bonni Sansom
  3. Gift of Her Submission – Sascha Illyvich (Think I wasn’t going to include my own titles here!  HA!)
  4. The vampire Queen’s Servant – Joey W. Hill
  5. Bound for Romance – Various.  I only edited this anthology but all four authors have a unique spin on BDSM
  6. Master of the Shadowlands – Cherise Sinclair (A very astute student of mine!)
  7. Broad Horizons – Edited by Beth Wylde (Admittedly I’m in the second anthology)
  8. Siddella’s Surrender – Sascha Illyvich
  9. The Gift – Kim Dare
  10. Yuletide Greetings – Sue Lyndon
  11. Dance Macabre – Laurel K. Hamilton (Even in first person too!)
  12. The Vampire Queen’s Servant – Joey W. Hill
  13. Rosy Cheeks – Marianna LaCroix
  14. Submissive – Anya Howard
  15. The Marketplace series -Laura Antoniou
  16. The Velderet – Cecilia Tan
  17. Trouble in Cowboy Boots – Desiree Holt
  18. Ride’sm – Tilly Greene
  19. Members Only – Ann Jacobs
  20. Siddella’s Submission – Sascha Illyvich
  21. The Ice Queen – Joey. W.  Hill
  22. Fallen Star – Morgan Hawke
  23. Wicked Intent – Lora Leigh
  24. Wonderland:  King of Hearts – Cheyenne McCray
  25. I Will Submit to You, Master – Sascha Illyvich
  26. The Playground – Sascha Illyvich (yeah, I’m not vain.  I swear it!)
  27. The Irish Devil – Diane Whiteside
  28. Wolf Tales Series – Kate Douglas (Not traditional BDSM but strong elements of D/s are involved)

As I said, this is just a partial list, but all of these authors are way better than 50 Shades of Grey.  Hell I haven’t read it yet but I’m sure Andrew T. Shaffer’s 51 Shades parody is better too!  Incidentally I’ve actually read most of these books AND I know most of the authors.

Bwahahaha, so give some authors some love!  Feel free to add more current reads to this list in the comments!

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  1. Fuck it, you’re going there, so I will add to them:

    Mercy – Annabel Joseph
    Owning Wednesday – Annabel Joseph
    Firebird – Annabel Joseph
    As She’s Told – Aneke Jacob
    Owned and Owner – Aneke Jacob
    The Awakening: Book One of the Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld – Shakir Rashaan
    Legacy: Book Two of the Chronicles of the Nubian Underworld – Shakir Rashaan
    Above the Dungeon – SM Johnson

    That’s it for now, I’ll throw some more in soon!

  2. Mackenzie McKade’s Lisa’s Gift
    Maya Bank’s Sweet Series
    Cooper Mackenzie’s Master’s Series
    Leah Braemel’s Hauberk Protection Series
    Kalypso Master’s Series…
    I didn’t see any of those named 😀

  3. Tymber Dalton. I’ve only read Cardinal’s Rules, but it was the best bdsm book I’ve ever read so far. no over explaining, and no stupidly wealthy people.

    1. Cardinal’s Rules? I LOVE the book and have read it two or three times, but no stupidly wealthy people? Are you sure you are reading the same book? Landry owns a McLaren for crissakes 🙂 While they don’t flaunt it, Lan is worth millions.

  4. Seconding Tymber Dalton…Cardinal’s Rules is awesome, Love Slave for two is also great.

    Chris Owens’ Deviations series…I can’t say enough about this series. It portrays a full time D/s relationship that matures and grows across the series.

  5. I love Cherise Sinclair and Annabel Joseph, so I second all of those picks.

    You have to add Juniper Bell’s “Receptionist” series: Training the Receptionist and Restraining the Receptionist. Awesome for BDSM and menage.

    I’ll nominate Christina Thacher’s The Aerie Doms series: The Locked Heart & The Frozen Heart. (The Secret Heart comes out next week.) Not the hardest core BDSM stories but they’re very lovely romances, and she’s good writer.

    (Full disclosure: She’s a friend & I’m her editor, but really? I love her voice. And okay, so the Dom in The Locked Heart is wealthy, but Kai in The Frozen Heart is “only” a surgeon…)

  6. I think we’d have to be multimillionaires to afford Cardinal’s Rules; it’s selling used on Amazon for $220+ And it’s not an e-book!!

    My non-self-serving nominations: Juniper Bell’s Receptionist series: Training the Receptionist and Restraining the Receptionist. Both great books and she’s such a wonderful writer.

    My self-serving nominations: Christina Thacher’s Aerie Doms series: The Locked Heart & The Frozen Heart. (The Secret Heart comes out next week.) Not the hardest core sex but lovely romances, plus she writes well. [Full disclosure: I’m her editor. Oh, and the Dom in The Locked Heart is wealthy, but the Dom in The Frozen Heart is *only* a surgeon.]

  7. I’m going to 4th or 5th or whatever I am for Kallypso Masters’s Rescue Me series. Also, Sylvia Day Crossfire series. Stories are similar but this one is much better written.

  8. Thanks everyone for the suggestions!! I am reading Cherise Sinclair right now and then I’m moving to Rescue Me. I am excited that it is so highly recommended. I plan to work my way down everyone’s comments 🙂

  9. What loved about Kallypso Masters’ Rescue Me series and Cherise Sinclair’s Shadowlands series was character development. If you’ve got the time Lorelei James’ Rough Rider series is awesome. What’s even better is that all three of these authors are still adding to their perspective collections.

  10. The e-book, “Bondage Snippets” is a great deal of fun. Perspectives and little stories about bondage and submission. (At least I got turned on!)

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