Harlequin So You Think You Can Write

Since working on my BLAZE for Harlequin submission, I’ve been digging around their site and came across this week’s Editorial Week post:  So you think you can write.  I get the lame ass take off of So You Think You can dance.  Whatever :P

Lots going on and the website URL is: http://harlequinblog.com/so-you-think-you-can-write/ It’s a good site for readers and writers to connect during NaNoWriMo.  The beauty here is that I’ve been having trouble maintaining focus on the Blaze since the story has characters that aren’t so damaged or destroyed by heavy emotions and it’s helped to rejuvenate my desire to finish the damn story.  I mean, I’m 14k away from finishing it!  I could knock out that way before end of November.

For me, the challenge is keeping focus.  You know I’ve taken up heading the line at Sizzler Editions and while I don’t want Harlequin stories for the line, I DO want Harlequin style stories, only hotter, heavier, deeper.  I know writers who in 30 can make you happy, ad, ecstatic and then cum.  Those are the stories we want at Sizzler.  Strong plots and characters are more than just a happy ending.

Participating in SYTYCW seems a little silly. Really.  I’m a huge Alpha male. With a big ego *wicked grin* But I want in this market.  And I’ll get in.  I’m a damn good romance author.

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