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The only things worth mentioning here were the two panels I was on. LOL! Just kidding. Jay Kopita and the YNOT folks strive to put forth a show that’s as much quality content and education as it is relaxing and enjoying the fruits of our labor.

The day started off for me arriving a few minutes before the panel on Social Media in the Adult Industry. I was joined by Pete Housley of Pornstar Tweets, Vegas Ken from The Best Porn, Zak from Utherverse and Jay moderated. We discussed the key points of social media in that A: it’s social, so don’t be afraid to talk to people who follow you on twitter or facebook. Engage them in conversations. Add value. Don’t hard sell. Use the old sales techniques of building trust and making the prospect comfortable. These key things cannot be emphasized enough in sales, no matter what the industry is.

After a brief break it was time for my second panel on Writing and Blogging for the Adult markets. I was joined by the lovely Oceania of Radio Dentata fame, old hat writer M. Christian, publisher extradordinaire Jean M. Stine of Renaissance E-books, Ralph Greco Jr. and the infamous Student4Ever, Brent of Adult Forums 24X7. We talked about keeping copy short and pithy, stories were a different market and how you can write blogs in different voices to attract different audiences. Oceania moderated and let us run wild as we shared and answered questions.

What mostly came across as another reminder lesson to me was the amount of camaraderie in my panelists. Cybernet Expo is not just about the adult industry or education but rather, about connecting people of various business backgrounds who all share a common interest. We’re entertainers. Imagine how odd I felt at last year’s show when I mentioned I’m a romance writer. Not a pornographer, but a writer. Granted, I write hot sex in everything I do, sometimes those scenes border on porn depending on the audience but I’m a writer. Not a webmaster. But the value lie in the great contacts I met this year, along with the renewed connections.

Until next time,

Sascha Illyvich


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