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Cover for Raining KissesI got tagged in one of these annoying things but figured, what the hell.  I’ll play ball.  The big about lying had to do with the fact that I initially said I wasn’t going to shoot from the heart on this one.

1. Every other genre BUT romance bores me. Seriously, where’s the well written sex?
2. Up until my split in July 2013, I was a VERY militant writer. Once we finally left the apartment in Oakland, that shit all went to hell.
3. My cross dressing fetish began because I had low self esteem and grew bored with the basic fantasies including light BDSM. I’m even more bored now that I’ve done more shit.
4. When I was in the prime of my life, I broke 20 minutes in the 5k, and ALMOST ran a sub 5 minute mile. That’s why I’m so pissed about this fucking heart condition
5. Oh, I lied. I’ll let the right woman have her way with me without me trying to control anything. Completely. Unbridled. If she’s watching, she knows exactly what that means.
6. On the back of 5, I am a HUGE control freak. If I’m not running it, I’m trying to run it and if I can’t run it from the front, I hit it from the back.
7. I switched from Scotch to Bourbon and American Whiskey because my brother’s a whiskey snob.
8. That being said, I’m actually a wine snob.
9. And a cigar snob.
10. And a pipe tobacco snob.
11. I know the difference between pre-ban and post ban Absinthe and why the good shit is good and why it makes people bat shit.
12. Contrary to what the Romance Wiki says about me, I WAS raised by a pack of wolves.
13. My background is in tech. So yeah, once the revolution hits, I”mma pwn those machines.
14. FuckaYou. and Give me a damn espicacho! Only the folks at The Occidental Cigar Club will get that.

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